10 property trends for 2019
Insights Team, January 31, 2019

2019 is already in full swing and all of us at Leadhome wish you an incredible year of abundance, peace and prosperity.

Here’s our list of Top 10 property trends to look out for:

1. Tech rules: Property experts agree that consumers are increasingly using the internet to either search for a new home or to help with valuations for their existing homes. Online platforms provide instant access to properties available within set price ranges and they offer tools to help with realistic valuations. With Leadhome, customers can track every step of their property journey online. The fact that Leadhome offers both a user-friendly website AND the support from our leading property experts means we offer customers the best possible service.

2. Seamless selling: The modern consumer is looking for a seamless selling experience, and online platforms are evolving constantly to save the consumer time and money (see point 1). If any customer-based business wants to grow and evolve in 2019, it needs to be consumer-centric. The fact that our local property experts deal with real data in establishing the selling price of a home means that we sell our properties in record time.

3. Costs count, more than ever: Experts predict a surge in digitally-based property agencies (like Leadhome) offering proven efficiency and lower fees than traditional agencies. Consumers are increasingly savvy and demanding agents who are “tech-enabled” and fees that are fair. We are certainly one of the lead disruptors in our industry and constantly strive to lead the way.

4. Assisted first-time buyers:  This is a local and international trend. As the cost of living increases, more and more parents or “caretakers” (usually family members) are offering to help the younger generation to get into the property market – either by helping with a deposit or standing surety by buying the home in their name.

5. Clubbing together: Another trend is the collective buying of residential property, in which a group of friends, family members, business associates and/or investors get together to buy a property as an investment.

6. Demand for eco-friendly everything:  Eco-conscious homes are a worldwide trend that is definitely in a growth phase. Buyers are a lot more conscious about environmental impact when looking at homes to purchase. Consumers are looking at ways to cut back and save on electricity and water in the homes they buy. Boreholes, solar heating and rain tanks all offer significant savings, so it’s not only about the feel-good factor toward the environment but a sound investment in cutting down on costs.

7. Less is more (still!): We saw this as a big trend last year and we will definitely be seeing more of the same: downsizing is the new normal, with sellers looking to buy smaller homes that are closer to work, schools and major city hubs. Smaller and simpler is the NEW NORMAL.

8. Security estates set to thrive: This is a trend that has become more entrenched in South Africa as demand increases and prices in secure estate living developments continue to rise. The market has opened up considerably in the past few years – offering value for money for middle-income earners meaning that security estates are no longer just for the upper end of the market.

9. Emigration vs. semigration AND watch out for PE: FNB’s House Price Index reported that 7.5% of sellers cited leaving the country due to political uncertainty as a reason for selling their homes. Other South Africans are choosing to move to the Western Cape instead and, although this slowed down during the 2018 water crisis, it’s expected to pick up again now that dams have reached normal levels again. We predict a lot more people will be looking at places like Port Elizabeth when it comes to semigration – excellent value for money in terms of pricing on residential homes, top class schooling and an unbeatable lifestyle. [We have just opened up in Port Elizabeth, so give us a call today].

10. Staying sane in an election year: It’s an election year in South Africa, so many people are not making any moves regarding selling their properties until the election is done and dusted. A particular focus is the land issue, which has made the market pretty jittery.

However, Leadhome’s Marcél du Toit has high hopes for the year ahead: “We survived 2018, and I have a feeling that 2019 is going to be an incredible year. It’s an important time, politically for South Africa, and it’s really important to make well-considered decisions when it comes to property. Our local property experts are on hand to assist you in making the best possible and informed property-decisions. It’s important to expect the unpredictable, stay sane in the face of change, and always remain positive about this spectacular country of ours. Here’s to a great year ahead.”

This post has been edited to accurately reflect our current business model.

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