Leadhome Launches Bondspark to Innovate South African Home Loan Market
Insights Team, July 16, 2019

When it comes to describing home loan applications, it’s only on the rarest of occasions that you’ll hear words like, ‘easy’ and ‘hassle-free’ being thrown around. Spending hours applying for a loan through multiple banks – only to try and make sense of the resulting facts and figures – doesn’t exactly leave individuals feeling confident in the process.

Leadhome is aware of the difficulty in finding and comparing home loan quotes in South Africa and has come up with a unique and innovative solution that is sure to take the hassle out of applying for a home loan.

Introducing Bondspark: a consumer-centric home loan application platform designed to revolutionise the South African market. 

How Bondspark Works

So how does it work? Simple! Bondspark is able to provide comparative quotes from all of South Africa’s major financial institutions and help you decide which product is right for you. Bondspark manages the process on your behalf from start to finish, keeping you in the loop so that you can gauge the progress of your application at any time.

Educating South Africans about Home Loans

While Bondspark is in itself a great product for the South African market, we’re also passionate about educating South Africans on the entire home loan process. What may seem simple to some can seem like a completely new language to others. So Bondspark provides simple tools like the home loan calculator, which provides an accurate estimate of monthly repayments and the effect of interest rates on this amount.

Bondspark also has an entire online help guide, dedicated to helping South Africans learn more about all the intricacies of getting the best deal possible. This section will provide clarity on topics like prime interest rates and the effect of your personal credit score on your home loan application.

Bondspark Makes Applying for a Home Loan Easy

Simply put, Bondspark is here to make your home loan application process easier. We’re here to help you better understand the process and save you numerous hours along the way. Buying your home should be an exciting journey, not an arduous, admin-filled task and we pride ourselves in improving that experience. Don’t believe us? Take a look at what some of our incredible clients had to say.

So if you’re ready to see how a little innovation can make a big difference in your home loan journey, head over to the Bondspark application form to get the process started today.

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