How to get a head start on selling your home in 2020
Insights Team, January 1, 2020

If you are feeling revitalised and ready to tackle your New Year’s resolution of selling your home, here’s how to get a head start.

Pick a date

By when would you like to sell your home? Make a note of the date and work towards this goal. Give yourself enough time to prepare. Selling a home involves a lot of moving parts, and you need to coordinate it all.

Organise your list of repairs

You are dreaming about your new place, but when you look around, you realise there are still lots that need to get done before you can sell your home. List everything you can do yourself and note what you will have to outsource.

Plan how you will get to your goal and be very realistic, especially about your budget. Now is not the time to put extra financial pressure on yourself.

Get your home sale-ready

Tackle that list of repairs as soon as you can. Focus on the things that will make a big difference and do a deep clean.

Involve the whole family and teach them some useful skills.

Clutter be gone

Decluttering from time to time is a good thing, but when you want to sell your home, it might become a more pressing matter.

Create more space in your home and clear the clutter. Buyers become wary when there are spaces stuffed with clutter which could be covering areas due for renovations or repairs.

Let go of the sentimental clutter. Put the rest of your personal items in storage. Rearrange your space for buyers to imagine their lives in there.

Undertake one room at a time. Map this out for yourself so that you can actively work towards your goal.

Decided to donate something? Try to get it out of the way right away. Once you let it sit, you run the risk of changing your mind.

Who will help you sell your home?

Hiring the right estate agent is key to a successful sale. They will be able to offer you guidance throughout the process and negotiate with buyers on your behalf.

Select someone with a strong track record of success and who knows your neighbourhood.

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