Selling your home? Avoid making these pricing mistakes
Insights Team, January 16, 2020

Selling your home can be tricky. There are a lot of emotions involved and logistics to coordinate, but at the end of the day, you want the best possible return on your investment. This is why the right price is key.

Pricing at the right price is not a simple process, and you have to price it right from the start. The pricing of your home will determine how long it sits on the market. Most buyers are informed and conduct research online and are aware of what other homes are selling for in your area.

If your home has spent considerable time on the market, it may raise red flags with potential buyers. Even if there is absolutely nothing wrong with your property, setting a high-selling price will cost you viewings and interest, because your asking pricing does the majority of the marketing.

The second big pricing mistake most sellers make is not conducting sufficient research on the property and the area. Finding out how much your home is worth should be your first step, and you can start by looking at properties similar to yours.

Due diligence around sales prices in your area will also help to inform your pricing strategy. Who better to assist with this than a well-versed agent in your area?

Pricing mistakes are avoidable when backed by the right support. So, get an agent you can trust to help you determine a well-informed and realistic asking price. Ask them to compile a comparative market analysis to inform your choice.

Remember, no agent can force you to list at their price. The final listing price is ultimately up to you, the seller.

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A lot of homeowners believe their home is worth a lot more because of all the effort they have invested over the years. But buyers won’t see a home through the same sentimental lenses.

Real estate agents can help to keep the feels at bay. They will consider the facts and figures when setting a price because they know a realistic price will appeal to buyers. Furthermore, agents will also facilitate the negotiations with buyers on a sellers’ behalf.

Is it time to list your home?

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