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Fixed Price Offering Explained

8 May 2020 | Insights Team

Leadhome provides you with certainty during a time of uncertainty. 
Times have changed and so has our pricing.
We’ve got your back and we’re saving you money.

At Leadhome we believe in giving you the ability to choose for yourself according to your budget, as well as being there for you each step of the way. 

We have two price offerings for you to choose from, namely Fixed and Plus.

In this overview we will be looking at our Fixed Price Offering and what it entails in more detail. 

Our Fixed Price Offering has been expertly designed with the current state of the economy in mind, with our main aim being to save you money and give you access to the best service the real estate industry has to offer. 

So, what does the new Fixed Price Offering entail?

This updated offering has been designed to ensure that we can give you our full support while you get to be fully involved in the process, it applies to both open and sole mandates.

What does Leadhome Properties do for you?

  • Your dedicated Local Property Expert (tech-enabled agent) will be there to provide you with their agent expertise and reassurance along every step of the way. 
  • Valuations: either home visits post lockdown from your dedicated Local Property Expert or digital valuations now over this lockdown period.
  • We will provide you with expert marketing when it comes to how you can sell your home.
  • We will ensure that your property is professionally listed, including professional photos, on both the Leadhome website and all leading property portals (incl. Property24 and Private Property).
  • We market your property to Leadhome’s private and exclusive active buyers. Matching our comprehensive database of interested buyers to your property through property alerts, carefully segmenting these buyers and streamlining this process.
  • Our Property Advisors will schedule all buyer viewings with ID verified buyers for times that suit you according to your availability. Buyers can call, SMS or email our property advisers via the property portals 24/7 and all potential buyers are handled on a daily basis.
  • Your dedicated Local Property Expert will deal with all negotiations on your behalf with interested buyers, ensuring you get the best price possible on the sale of your property.
  • Once an Offer to Purchase has been agreed between you and the buyer, your Local Property Expert and the Support team will keep you updated every step of the way until registration! 

Our business model is based on up front pricing and transparency. 

Find out more about common questions asked about our Fixed Price Offering and the benefits for you:

What will you need to do?

  • As the seller, the onus falls to you to show your home to the prospective buyers, either physically (post lockdown) or virtually via video call with the potential buyer especially during this time of lockdown. No one knows your property and the area better than you, that is why showing it yourself makes so much sense. The agent will then negotiate for you as they have the know-how.  Click here to read more on why you should show your own home
  • You will only have to pay once you have a successful property transfer – that way when you win, we win.
  • While our Fixed Offering requires a more hands-on approach from you, it is still an agent-assisted offering which works to combine human input with technology in the best possible way to help you sell your home.

How much will you charge with the Fixed Price Offering?

Click here to see how much you will be charged based on the value of your home – and how much you will save!

Important information:

  1. Is this a negotiable package?

No, this fee structure is fixed (non-customisable); however, you can upgrade to a plus package at any time.

  1. What is the fee/cost of the Fixed Price Offering?

The cost is based on the value of your home and the various categories in which it may fall into. This has been outlined in more detail in the table below:

Price FromPrice ToLeadhome Fee

You can also work out the estimate on our sliding scale model here.

3. How do I ensure that my property is correctly priced?

Choosing the correct price for your property can be quite a challenge, which is why one of our Local Property Experts will be on hand to help you get a clear market-related valuation (this can also be done remotely now via our digital valuations). Remember that our Local Property Experts see hundreds of properties and know their areas so they will give you the best advice. Click here to get your valuation now. 

4. Why is the price based on the value of my home? 

We know that properties listed within the different price brackets can take longer to sell as there are fewer buyers per bracket – this is simply the nature of any property market. This also means that properties will require different marketing initiatives depending on their price bracket as well as incurring additional costs from being in the market for longer.

In the past an agent could charge a commission fee that was based on the sale of a home whereas it is now based on a sliding scale by value, ensuring that the fee is fair in comparison to the price of the home. Because of this, our new pricing structure offers a competitive pricing fee for all tiers in the marketplace along with the additional option of upsizing at any given time. 

5. What are the benefits of me showing my home to prospective buyers?

It is safe to say that you, as the seller, know your home far better than anyone else. As such, you will be better equipped to answer all pertinent questions that the buyers tend to ask. The buyer will get all their questions answered during the viewing, without delay. They can make informed decisions quicker speeding up the process and potentially selling your home quicker.

Once you’ve shown the prospective buyer your home, our Local Property Expert will then handle all the necessary documentation after the viewing. We have had over 60,000 homeowner successful viewings to date, a tried and tested model that works!

The benefits of showing your own home to buyers.

6. How do I qualify for the 25% cash back?

This one is easy: If you sell and buy your property with us, we’ll give you 25% cashback on our fee. Click here to read more.

So, if you’re thinking about selling your home, why not chat to one of our Local Property Experts today to find out more about which package is right for you? 

To learn more about our Plus Price Offering click here.

Times have changed, so has our pricing. We’ve got your back and we’re saving you money.

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