The 5 secrets of people who always have clean homes

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The 5 secrets of people who always have clean homes

2 February 2021 | Insights Team

Have you ever been to a house and wondered to yourself: how in the world do they keep this place so clean? Everything seems to be in its place; all the counters are shining and even the toilet seems to be pristinely clean. Upon seeing this, you may think that they either have an ultra-efficient domestic helper that cleans the house on a daily basis or an expensive cleaning service. And if not, you may wonder how this person has the time and/or energy to keep their house so clean? Achieving your clean goals is actually a lot simpler than you think. 

Here are 5 secrets of people whose houses are always clean: 

They make being tidy a daily habit 

It may seem like conventional wisdom, but it bears repeating that keeping a home tidy requires constant vigilance and attention to detail. If you neglect cleaning your house, it will eventually appear as if a bomb has hit and you will have to spend hours cleaning up the wreckage. To avoid this scenario, develop a routine/schedule to keep each room looking spic and span. This might mean asking your kids to put their toys back in the toy box or having to fold the laundry right away when it is clean and dry. 

They actually know the difference between tidy and clean 

Sometimes you may think that an area of your house is clean in that the furniture and carpets have been vacuumed and the surfaces and floors have been scrubbed, but, in reality, disorder and mess are still the order of the day. If clothes are strewn on the floor, the bed is unmade and books and papers are lying everywhere, then the house won’t seem tidy, because it isn’t. Make sure that your household items are put away and everything is in [its] place. 

They don’t hoard junk 

It’s amazing how quickly the junk can accumulate in your house; leaving it looking like 10 more people live there. Try and avoid this by not hoarding unnecessary items – make sure that you don’t keep anything that is not an essential item or used regularly. 

They clean as a habit

You can’t expect to keep a home tidy if you don’t regularly put in the effort to clean and maintain it. This includes doing the mundane chores that many of us loathe: cleaning the dishes after dinner, wiping down surfaces every day and packing away items. By ensuring that you keep major surfaces clean during the week, you won’t have to spend a lot of time on these tasks during intensive cleaning sessions. This will give you more time and energy for other long term cleaning activities such as cleaning ovens and sorting out cupboards. 

They have a junk drawer 

Some may frown upon this cleaning tactic, but there’s no doubt that it’s highly effective. You can always chuck away, in a drawer, things that you hardly use but may not be quite ready to completely dispose of yet. These cause clutter and you would rather temporarily forget about. However, make sure that you eventually attend to that drawer and clean out the junk. 

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