How to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home this year

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How to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home this year

9 February 2021 | Insights Team

As a result of the coronavirus we’re now adapting to a ‘new normal’. This means doing things differently for the many traditional occasions we have grown to love. The current curfew, coupled with many people’s reluctance to venture into crowded places, means that we have to get a little more creative and find a way to celebrate the Day of Love at home. However, that doesn’t mean that this year’s celebration has to be any less romantic or exciting than usual.

You can get creative with these convenient tips on how to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home.

Create romantic ambience

Getting romantic at home with your partner actually gives you even more scope to up the charm factor by creating an intimate setting. For inspiration, think of the kind of atmosphere that your favourite restaurants would create, and try to replicate that magic at home. Clear away all non- romantic items like your laptop and that chair in the corner with all the laundry stacked on it. Next, put together a beautifully decorated tablescape. Flowers always make any table gleam with romance or a table runner as an affordable alternative. Scented candles and a little bit of succulents or potted herbs to add a touch of green. In fact, you don’t have to use your dining room either, a cozy spot can be created in the living room using the coffee table and cushions – and, of course, dessert can be served on trays in bed! 

Create a delectable menu

If you have the ability and desire to cook, then you should go all-out to create a heavenly multi-course menu. For inspiration, check out a couple of easy-yet-impressive Valentine’s Day menus online and get cooking. Be as creative as you can – maybe serve some appetisers, mini desserts, or even create some tapas (small, little meals). If you’re not the cooking type, then there are also a number of great local takeout offerings you can consider – online food delivery will be your best friend in this regard. 

How to handle kids

As much as you love your kids, let’s face it, they don’t allow much time for romance, let alone a romantic dinner date at home. If you decide on making a romantic dinner, it’s best to serve them their supper early and separately. You can have a little fun with them as well by creating their very own restaurant, complete with a kid-friendly menu and payment methods for their “waiter” which, of course, would be you. 

Don’t forget the music

Music can add romance, life and ambience to any occasion and you shouldn’t forget to put together a romantic soundtrack. If you’re really passionate about music, you should compile a list of all your sentimental favourites. Otherwise, make use of modern technology and pull a romantic playlist from a streaming service such as Spotify or Deezer. Leave it playing in the background on a low volume to create an amorous atmosphere. 

Show that someone special how much they mean to you 

Just because you’re celebrating at home, doesn’t mean you cannot make Valentine’s extra special for your partner, remember to buy them ‘that special gift’ they’ve been hinting at all week. Sometimes there are gifts that money can’t buy, consider writing a love letter to show your appreciation for your significant other, and if you’re really feeling creative perhaps a love song. 

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