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Insights Team, October 26, 2020
Megan OwenJune 7, 2018
Exploring Linden with Local Property Expert Loren Cantrell

Today we explore the suburb of Linden with our seasoned agent, Loren Cantrell. Why are you excited to be the Area Agent for Linden? Linden is the new Parkhurst. There is a complete cultural regeneration happening as new blood moves into the suburb along with fabulous new restaurants, entertainment options and unique stores. Historically an […]

Megan OwenSeptember 22, 2017
Southern Hospitality – With Leadhome’s Brett Herbert

I took a drive around the south of Johannesburg with Brett Herbert, Area Property Expert for Leadhome. I was pleasantly surprised by both the suburbs and the knowledge of my tour guide. How did you become an Area Expert in the south of Joburg? I grew up in Oakdene and have always lived in and […]

Megan OwenAugust 24, 2017
The New Way To Sell Your Home – Jonathan Jacobs of Leadhome

It will soon be as obvious as ordering an Uber, but we are right at the beginning of a major disruption in the residential real estate industry. I sat down with Leadhome Property Agent, Jonathan Jacobs, to find out why he chooses to work for this progressive real estate start up. How does Leadhome work? […]

Megan OwenJune 29, 2017
Your Best Winter Home

Here are some expert tips from two of Joburg’s hottest interior designers to help you prepare your home to go on the market in winter, while at the same time giving your home a recession-proof facelift! Out with clutter, in with velvet! Jenna Penny and Bronwen Barnes are both glamorous, dog crazy, and two of […]

Megan OwenJune 20, 2017
Winter Warmers

Food and venues guaranteed to warm the cockles of your heart (and worth taking your fluffy slippers off for) 1. Wombles I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this is my favourite restaurant. But you don’t necessarily need to go for dinner. Their cozy African decorated bar area is the perfect place to enjoy […]

Megan OwenMay 25, 2017
The Perfect Fit

Life in Parkhurst is working out brilliantly for celebrity fitness guru, entrepreneur and new mom, Lisa Raleigh. I caught up with her in her new home to find out how she is ‘doing it all’ and still managing to look so fabulous. Being a Durban girl, what has the transition to living in Joburg been […]

Megan OwenApril 28, 2017
The Mr with a Vista

I visited Jonathan Boynton-Lee’s apartment on a hazy Saturday morning to find out why the hunky Top Billing Presenter is such a fan of Northcliff, what he’s up to professionally and why his balcony is the perfect date spot: Where did you grow up and how did you come to discover Northcliff?  I grew up in Northcliff so […]

Megan OwenMarch 15, 2017
The Munching Mongoose – Food for Thought

I first heard about The Munching Mongoose when it won the 702 Sage Small Business Award last year. I sat down for a coffee with the founder of this two-year-old company, Brad Meiring, at 2B Cuisine and soon became very excited about it. Brad is a Geologist by training, but when kids came along his […]

Megan OwenFebruary 23, 2017
Watts (up) in Bryanston

Last week I had coffee with fellow Bryanstonian, Derek Watts, perhaps better known for enlightening our Sunday evenings on Carte Blanche. Derek and his family have lived in Bryanston for the past 23 years. Why Bryanston? Bryanston used to be the North but now it’s in the middle of everything. I love the restaurants, I […]

Megan OwenFebruary 6, 2017
Ideas for a Frugal February

I spent most of January in Europe throwing Euros at every meal and experience I could find. Coming back to reality I have realised that February is going to have to be a particularly frugal month. Post ski-trip or not, I think many people find their festive spending catches up with them in Feb, and […]

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