Power to the ladies making waves in the property market!
Insights Team, August 6, 2020
Insights TeamFebruary 1, 2020
4 Things to remember when preparing to buy a house

When you first decide to buy a home, it is easy to get caught up in future dreams of colour schemes, so here are four things to remember when you are preparing to buy a house. Don’t buy for the life you have today Property is not a great short-term investment and depending on the […]

Insights TeamNovember 20, 2019
We defied the odds and got one in five sellers their asking price*

As you might have heard we sell homes 31% faster, and now we have defied the odds in a difficult economy. We have helped one in five of our sellers get their full asking price or above asking price.

January 28, 2019
Thanks 2018, it’s been GOOD

I can’t believe that it’s December already. It feels like just the other day that we were poring over our plans and aspirations for 2018, and here we are at the end of the year. I think most South Africans will agree with me that 2018 was definitely not a year for “sissies”. We had […]

Insights TeamDecember 7, 2018
Vereenvoudig jou lewe

“Vereenvoudig jou lewe.” Dié drie woordjies kan ’n groot verskil maak. Om hulle hardop te sê, kan reeds ’n gevoel van kalmte meebring in ’n warboel lewe volgeprop met doen, wees en te veel goed. Die Boeddhiste-monnik en befaamde skrywer Matthieu Ricard, wat soms bestempel word as “die gelukkigste man op aarde” meen “’n Eenvoudige […]

Marcel du ToitFebruary 15, 2018
Zuma Resignation and the state of the property market

The wait is finally over. Cyril Ramaphosa has been elected as the new president of South Africa, bringing to an end a disastrous 10 year period for the South African consumer. If President Ramaphosa’s actions since his election as president of the ruling African National Congress is anything to go by, we should see a […]

Insights TeamSeptember 18, 2017
Getting ready for your home sale

The mountain of paperwork you need to have in place to sell a home can seem daunting. But don’t sweat. We have prepared a nice overview and summary for you. The process of transferring property from one party to another is called conveyancing, which includes the registration of mortgage bonds and real rights. This process […]

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