Leadhome Launches Bondspark to Innovate South African Home Loan Market
Insights Team, July 16, 2019
Insights TeamJanuary 28, 2019
Why your bond is a good investment

Experts say the best “investment” you can make is to pay your bond off as quickly as possible. But is a home loan a good investment to begin with?

Insights TeamJanuary 28, 2019
The do’s and don’ts of downsizing

Some people find it difficult to let go of a family home. It’s a place where memories have been made and it’s understandable that there would be some resistance. Take some time to get used to the idea.

Insights TeamJanuary 28, 2019
Daar is steeds ware waarde in Kaapstad

Kaapstad was nog altyd ’n goeie belegging vir kopers met ’n skerp oog. Dis nog steeds die geval, maar met so baie dinge wat tans in die land aangaan, moet ’n mens die mark slim dophou. Dit is die raad van Laurene van Coller, spanleier vir Leadhome in die Wes-Kaap. Almal wil ’n huisie by […]

Insights TeamJanuary 28, 2019
Selling your home is an emotional decision

As human beings, we make attachments to everything – to people, places and memories – which is why selling your home can be an emotional journey. Here are a few Leadhome pointers to help you get through the process with ease . . . You’ve heard the cliché “home is where the heart is”, and […]

Insights TeamJanuary 28, 2019
Rosestad, jou doring!

Wat blom in Bloem? Eiendomskenner Lizelle Dykman deel haar gunsteling-doendinge. Daar is iets besonders aan Bloemfontein. ’n Rustige leefstyl sonder fieterjasies en vriendelike, gasvrye mense vorm deel uit hiervan, en maak dat ’n mens gemaklik hier kan nesskop. Oud en nuut ontmoet in dié Vrystaatse juweel, en die stad bied baie lae om te verken. […]

Insights TeamJanuary 28, 2019
Reasons to love the City of Roses

Leadhome has just launched in Bloemfontein, and local property expert Lizelle Dykman is thrilled to share some of the highlights of her laid-back city. There is something very special about Bloemfontein, according to Lizelle Dykman. It might have something to do with the relaxed lifestyle, the friendliness and hospitality of the people or the fact […]

January 28, 2019
Thanks 2018, it’s been GOOD

I can’t believe that it’s December already. It feels like just the other day that we were poring over our plans and aspirations for 2018, and here we are at the end of the year. I think most South Africans will agree with me that 2018 was definitely not a year for “sissies”. We had […]

December 20, 2018
It’s Summer Time: Let The Living Be Easy

Whether you’re enjoying a stay-cation in your own backyard or heading off to a holiday spot to enjoy the festive season, here are a few Leadhome tips to help you make the best of the so-called silly season. Swimming, Sun and Fun: If your home has a pool area, take some time out to enjoy […]

December 20, 2018
Best Places in SA to Own a Holiday Home

Whatever your choice or options in life, having a holiday home in South Africa is definitely worth dreaming about…

Insights TeamDecember 8, 2018
Location, location, location

Yes, that home is absolutely gorgeous, but if the location is not right you could end up regretting your purchase in the long run. Here’s why you need to consider the holy grail of “best possible location” when buying a property. Location is all important because over time, things can change and this may affect […]

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