Andrew Quinn

Leadhome property expert

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My passion for real estate and disruptive technologies has brought me to Leadhome.
After 5 years of working in the residential property industry I have come to learn that transparency, concise communication, and area knowledge is paramount to clients trusting the agency they choose to work with. Having an expert in the area that can give accurate valuations with honest and transparent information, the seller is provided with all the valuable knowledge they need to make the best decision when selling their home. Through Leadhome’s platform along with my experience in the industry I am able to provide all the above therefore establishing the trust that clients seek when selling their homes. Leadhome provides a cutting edge platform allowing for clients to be kept up to speed through the whole sales process while also ensuring a fast, efficient and simplified experience.
Local Property Expert
Great people, device and delivery. I would recommend highly.
Tyron Sharnock