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Pretoria at a glance

Pretoria is located within the northern part of Gauteng Province and is the national administrative capital of South Africa, housing foreign embassies and diplomatic missions.

South Africa’s administrative centre is a charming city with many elegant ancient architectures, notable historical sites for South Africans of all races, thriving colourful suburbs, and wide streets that burst into a magnificent purple haze around October and November thanks to the blooming of the jacaranda trees. Today, Pretoria is home to all people from different walks of life, infusing the city with a sense of multiculturalism.

Pretoria East

Pretoria East offers a peaceful escape for those who work in the city. The leafy streets and established gardens give the area a tranquil, village-like feel. Everything is nearby and residents do not have to travel far for shopping or recreation. Part of its popularity stems from the fact that it’s easily accessible from major highways – the N1 and the N4. 


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Pretoria East (South)

This neighbourhood caters for a broad range of individuals. Shopaholics can head to one of the large malls while those seeking entertainment or a delicious meal have many choices. For nature lovers, Rietvlei Nature Reserve offers fishing, game viewing, hiking and cycling.

Suburbs within the South of Pretoria East include Menlyn, Woodpile, Woodlands Estate, Newlands and more.

Central business district

In addition to the many corporate offices, small businesses, shops, and government departments that are situated in Pretoria’s sprawling suburbs, it retains its status as the traditional centre of government and commerce. Many banks, businesses, large corporations, shops, shopping centres, and other businesses are situated within the city centre which is towered by several large skyscrapers. The tallest of these is the Poyntons Building (110 m), the ABSA Building (132 m) and the Federal Reserve Bank of South Africa building (150 m).

Parks and gardens

Pretoria is home to the National Zoological Gardens of South Africa, as well as the Pretoria National Botanical Garden. There are also a number of smaller parks and gardens located throughout the town, including the Austin Roberts aviary, Pretorius Square gardens, the Pretoria Rosarium, Church Square, Pretoria Showgrounds, Springbok Park, Freedom Park, Jan Cilliers Park and Burgers Park, the oldest park in the city and a national monument.

Tertiary education

Pretoria is one of South Africa’s leading academic cities and is home to both the largest residential university in South Africa, the largest distance education university in South Africa and a research-intensive university. Some of its higher education centres include:

Living in Pretoria


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