Selling guides

Everything you need to know on how to sell your home with as little fuss as possible.

When to Sell

Step 1

When to sell

When is the best time to sell your house in South Africa? Should I sell before buying? All great questions, and because we want you to make the most informed decision, this guide is perfect for you.
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How to sell

How to sell your home fast? How to choose the right estate agent? How to determine the value of your home? Valuable information anyone should know before selling their home!



Here’s a guide you must read! It will help you to determine your property’s worth, give you tips on how to increase the value of your home and information on showing your home to interested buyers.



There are many factors that play an important role in marketing your home right: photography, a reputable real estate company and agent, showing your own home to buyers and what you should know about conveyancing.


Legal and Post Sale

Don’t let the legalities get you down, we have some really helpful tips and info for you right here. All the basic, most important legal information that you need to know.

Digital Evaluations

Looking to sell your property like a boss, but need an evaluation?

We offer digital evaluations based on your property data and the video walk-through that you supply to us. We combine this with our superior data and insights to give you a market leading evaluation of your home.

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