How to Increase the Value of Your House

Renovations that increase home value

Ideally, with time to spare, preferably 3 – 6 months, consider what you can afford to do to improve the value of your home. Consider the return you will make on your investment. Contemplate what you can renew rather than replace. Major (but inexpensive) refurbishments can yield a healthy return. Cheaper alternatives exist which can give you the same look with a low-end budget. Create a home that house-hunters will want to live in and love.

Renovations that increase home value

Outside renovations

Outdoor oasis options include paying attention to your garden, pool and patio areas is of equal value and importance to your interior effort.

Friendly lady painting her home a bright colour.

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations

If your bathroom and kitchen fittings have seen better days, it is worthwhile to make way for something new. If the budget does not permit a brand-new bathroom or kitchen renovation, consider the following to give you that “brand-spanking-new look” at a fraction of the cost:

  • Repaint cupboards or replace doors with a more modern profile.
  • Replace door and drawer handles with a contemporary current and on-trend option.
  • Easy and inexpensive, replace toilet seats.
  • New taps, towel rails and/or new worktops are worth upgrading in both the kitchen and bathroom.
  • A feature clock, potted display of herbs or designer appliance in the kitchen; a statement framed mirror or candle display in the bathroom.
  • New appliances, which you may have in mind for your new home, can be bought and installed in your current home. Many buyers ask for these to be included in the selling price and it is becoming a norm to install new appliances when you list your property which are then included in the selling price. Gas stoves are becoming a must-have for buyers.
  • An old stainless-steel sink can be replaced with a more contemporary ceramic sink.
  • New bath and basin plugs cost almost nothing and add to that “brand-new” look and feel.
  • Touch up cracked, chipped, stained and pitted grouting.
  • Paint dated wall tiles, if you cannot afford to replace them.
  • Upgrade to modern light fittings, which are surprisingly inexpensive.
  • Remember to accessorise with new stylish dishcloths in the kitchen and fluffy new towels and bathmats in your bathrooms.
Beautifully renovated bathroom with natural light.

Selling Complete Peace of Mind

Security features or the lack thereof, can make or break a potential sale. Decide on what alarm systems, motion detector beams, security gates, outdoor lighting and/or surveillance cameras you have, or need to have, and make sure they are in working order.

Get your electrical compliance in order. This will be a requisite when you sell, so why not do it before you sell and leave nothing to chance.

Garages Can be Gorgeous

Invest in storage features. If you are taking out kitchen cupboards and shelves, they can be repurposed and installed in your garage at a fraction of the cost. Installing storage hooks, shelves and rails on the walls will free up floor space and is a cheaper option for your garden and home maintenance tools to be tidily stored.

 Pool Priorities

  • Make sure any visible pool equipment, leaf catchers, brushes and nets are new (or relatively new). 
  • Pool stains may require a professional solution, but a peroxide treatment can often rid you of pesky stains. Ask your pool supply provider for advice.
  • Repair chipped mosaic and grouting.
Brand new pool equipment.

First Impressions Count

  • Nothing says welcome like a new doormat. Buy one.
  • A well-kept and creative pavement garden will make sure buyers drive-in, rather than drive-by.
  • Outside paving and driveways should be well maintained, oil stain and weed free.
A doormat in front of a front door, saying "welcome".

Design and Beauty “Buys” Buyers

We remind you that monochrome is on trend, and the best way to style your home when listing. You are least likely to offend a potential buyer with an “off-putting” colour when you keep everything neutral.

In our article on “How to Show Your House” we share more cleaning, decluttering and design and styling tips. There are many design and styling ideas available for free. Pinterest, design magazines, stylish friends, and other showhouses will inspire you to get the balance right in your home. These are just a few ideas for you to consider, well in advance of your show-day or viewing:

  • Seek out second and third opinions. Keep an open-mind and don’t be offended by criticism. You are not buying your house, someone else is.
  • As is the case with appliances, it is becoming more popular to install fitted blinds which are then included in the selling price. It is a significantly worthwhile investment to replace tired curtains with wooden blinds. If your budget will not allow for this, consider installing blinds in the kitchen and bathrooms and/or the living rooms, to suggest this aesthetic to your potential buyers.
  • Remove unnecessary furniture. Borrow or even rent feature pieces to demonstrate a desirable lifestyle that your potential buyer aspires to.

Prepare with Tender Loving Care

Repairs and maintenance are an essential. Don’t let your home feel unloved.  Unloved homes are hard to sell. Upgrades, refurbishment and make-overs may be a valuable investment choice, or an absolute necessity,  for you to compete with other properties on the market. Win the hearts and hard-earned buying power of your future homeowner with carefully considered improvements.

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