Finding a home

How to Find Your Dream Home Online

Using the Leadhome Property Search Portal

At Leadhome, Digital is Personal.

Online property shopping can be overwhelming. We have a team of energetic and qualified agents that make “virtuality” your reality and will assist you every step of the way and give you answers to your unique questions.

Leadhome operates in all major South African regions, with 1000’s of listed properties for you to choose from, and with 24/7 access to commence your house-hunting journey. We are with you every step of the way. 

Here we will discuss:

Using the Leadhome Property Search Portal

The Leadhome property search portal is a quick and efficient search engine that allows prospective buyers the opportunity to type a city or suburb name, minimum and maximum price specifications, property type and preferences – allowing users to easily choose their desired property from the multitude of properties available.

Person searching for property online using a laptop.

4 Easy Steps to Find your Dream Home Online

  1. Visit
  2. Click on BUY
  3. Enter your Search Criteria.
    • Suburb or City
    • Use our maps or enter multiple suburb options.
    • Minimum Price.
    • Maximum Price.
    • # Beds.
    • # Bathrooms.
    • # Cars.
    • Property Type. You can search by multiple property types too.
      • House
      • Apartment
      • Townhouse
  1. Sort by Lowest or Highest Price or Recent Listing.
    This way you will be able to view properties in the right area, at the right price with the right requirements at a glance.
  2. Book a viewing appointment with our agent or pick up the phone and call a Leadhome Property Advisor.

Enquire About a Property

To enquire about a specific property you can:

  • Call a Leadhome Property Advisor on +27 (0)10 590 3088.
  • Leave a message on our website. 
  • Each property page contains a form to fill including our agent contact details – simply fill in the form with your details and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Lady enquiring about a property

What Happens After I Enquire?

One of our Leadhome Property Advisors will contact you and make arrangements to meet with you to discuss your property requirements and needs further or to book a viewing appointment for you for that property.


This article has discussed how to make use of the Leadhome property portal and the benefits of searching online to find a house – happy house hunting!

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