3 Tips for Unpacking After Moving Houses

Unpacking After Moving Houses

Having followed our 23-day plan on moving, packing advice and other tips, you have saved the best for last. Moving into your new home is exciting and should be fun. Once your new house is cleaned from top-to-toe while empty, you are ready to move in.

Here are some tips we’ll be discussing:

Tip 1: Make Use of Your Inventory List

Unpacking is quicker than packing, so you can step it up. With your precise list of boxes by number and content, you can quickly find what you need.

  • Give your movers instructions to position boxes with the number-side facing out and into the room you intend to place your things. 
  • Boxes that contain items you don’t intend unpacking within your first week can be placed in a garage or spare room.

Tip 2: First Things First

Should the seller not have left your new home in a spotless condition, then you should clean it thoroughly yourself before you begin to unpack. Once cleaned then:

  • If you have small children, make an effort to unpack their clothes and make-up their rooms as soon as possible. It will make them feel secure, excited and give them a safe space to keep busy while you crack on with the next unpacking. It is also worthwhile to have outdoor play equipment at hand. Better still, do this while they spend the morning with a friend or have a sleepover at Granny’s house.
  • Make your pets a priority. Settle them in their new territory. Particularly make sure they are in a secure place with no opportunity to run away.
  • Think functionality first on day one.
    • Get your kitchen unpacked with the basic essentials,  including plumbing of washing machines and dishwashers.
    • Make up your beds and unpack your bathroom supplies. You will be exhausted at the end of the day and deserving of a long hot bath and a good night’s sleep.
    • Unpack and hang clothes into wardrobes.
    • Make sure your kids’ school bags, uniforms and supplies are ready.
Guy confused by all the boxes he needs to pack.

Tip 3: Live a Little

The movers will have placed the boxes into their appropriate rooms – as per your instructions. Using your inventory, you can begin to unpack according to the box number and its listed contents-  in order of preference and need.

Ordinarily, you can repurpose your 23-day packing plan, in reverse order.  Don’t be too hasty to unpack non-essential items.  Live in your space a while, before you start hanging pictures and decorating rooms.


Only begin unpacking once the home is spotlessly clean.  Now you will see the time-saving benefits of having an inventory  as you can easily determine, for each room, which boxes contain the essential and most needed items. These should be unpacked first whilst those boxes containing the least essential items can be unpacked at  another time.  Follow this link, to see how to prepare for moving out of your house.

Couple moving some boxes.

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