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There’s a better way to sell your property. It’s called Leadhome.

We challenge the status quo by providing a new way of operating using the best technology and people to make selling your home easier, faster and better. We go above and beyond the norm to give our clients the lowest rates, user–friendly services and an overall exceptional experience.

We are committed to empowering our clients with knowledge and appropriate skills that ensure the best possible outcome for their home sale.

Leadhome provides the best service and unrivalled value for its clients.

Between 2010 and 2016  the average price of a South African home increased by 9% per year from R260,000 to R1,060,000. Despite this, commission charged by estate agents has remained high at between 5% and 8.5% – translating into an average commission earned of R53,000 to R90,100 (excluding VAT).

These exorbitant commissions are not an accurate reflection of the effort or costs incurred in selling a property. On top of being overcharged, today’s sellers receive service from their estate agents better suited to the 1980s than 2016.

Leadhome is modern real estate agency, driven by technology, brought to you by clever humans.


We use the latest technologies and do away with the old franchise model to generate significant savings which we pass on directly to our clients through a low fixed fee of R39,995 (excl VAT). It takes as much work to sell a R100,000 home as it does to sell a R10,000,000 home; why should you be penalised in the form of a high commission just because your home is worth more? Likewise, you shouldn’t be shortchanged on service because you don’t live in a Sandton penthouse.

Leadhome is a modern estate agency combining the best people and technology – enabling clients to achieve the optimal result when selling their property. Let us help you get the best price for your property whilst saving you thousands in commission!

Leadhome is the pioneer in transforming residential property transactions for both buyers and sellers. We are very proudly South African .



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