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Selling your property
keyboard_arrow_rightHow do I arrange a valuation?

Book a free valuation with the real estate agents for your suburb within a few seconds for a date and time that suits you. Alternatively, contact us by using one of the options available on our Contact page.

keyboard_arrow_rightHow long does a valuation take?

The duration of a valuation depends on a couple of factors, including how big your house is, how much you know about Leadhome, and how much you like the real estate agent :-). But in general the valuation meeting takes about 45 minutes. During this time we will explain how the Leadhome process works, answer any questions you may have, and gather all the required information about your property.

After meeting with you and inspecting your property, your real estate agent will work with our specialist valuation team to compile a detailed valuation, typically inside 24-48 hours.

keyboard_arrow_rightI have a tenant in the property that I would like to sell. What now?

That’s not a problem at all. We’ll schedule a valuation for a time that suits your tenant, physically inspect the property, and send you a valuation report within 24-48 hours. Once your property is on the market, we’ll arrange times for viewings that is convenient for both you and your tenant.

keyboard_arrow_rightWhat is included in your fee?

Leadhome’s innovative approach to real estate offers you superior service and savings. Our fee includes:
• Comprehensive guidance from your real estate agent and dedicated support team.
• Access to a dashboard where you can monitor your property’s performance in real-time.
• Assistance with post-sale admin.
• We also show off your home with professional photography.
• And connect you with the biggest buyer database, supported by digital marketing, to get all the right eyes on your listing.

keyboard_arrow_rightWhen do I pay your fee?

Leadhome’s fee is payable on the successful transfer of your property only. There are no upfront costs to you.

keyboard_arrow_rightWhat if I decide that I don’t want to sell my property anymore?

Should you decide to withdraw your property from the market within the duration of our mandate for a reason other than an offer on your property being accepted, Leadhome will charge a fee of R5,000 + VAT to cover our cost of professional photography, marketing, and administration.

keyboard_arrow_rightWould I get more money for my property if I choose a traditional estate agency?

No. We will help you achieve the best possible price the market can pay at that point in time. Which means that you will put more money in your pocket without having to fork out high commission to your agent.

keyboard_arrow_rightMy property is already on the market. Can I use Leadhome?

Yes, you can use Leadhome if you have not signed a sole mandate with your current agent.

keyboard_arrow_rightDo you require a sole mandate?

No we do not. We work in the best interest of our clients, and as such will discuss the merits of a sole versus open mandate with the client dependent on the situation.

keyboard_arrow_rightWhere will my property be advertised?

Your property will be advertised on all the leading marketing platforms, including amongst other,,, as well as on To see our full list of advertising partners, click here.

We also make use of our extensive buyers database to target specific buyers interested in properties similar to yours, and target these buyers via email and on all the various search and social media platforms like Google, Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.

keyboard_arrow_rightDo I need to take photos of my property?

Absolutely not! Photos sell homes and we only make use of professional photographers to make sure we show your property in the best light possible.

keyboard_arrow_rightWhere do you operate?

Leadhome currently operates in Greater Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town. More areas are added regularly. To see if we’re in your neighbourhood, click here.

keyboard_arrow_rightWho shows my property?

Nobody knows your home better than you do – where the best place is to put the breakfast table, how noisy the neighbours are, and where the afternoon sun hits the couch just right. Because buyers want to ask these questions, the best person to answer them is you – not your estate agent. We therefore believe that as seller you’re the best person to show the house and the buyer around. Don’t talk price though! Leadhome’s professional agents who have personally seen your property will meet with the buyer on your behalf and negotiate the best possible deal for you.

We’ve found this is to be the best process for showing your property and maximising savings when selling your home, however, if you are unable to show your home, please speak to your estate agent.

keyboard_arrow_rightHow do you vet the persons coming to view my property?

We make sure all buyers are vetted and identity verified by using South Africa’s leading identity verification service,, who will check the buyer’s ID number against the Home Affairs database. When a viewing is confirmed, we will send you a part of the buyer’s ID number (e.g. 8506xx xx17 086), and we ask the buyer to bring their ID document or driver’s licence to the viewing so that you can verify that the right person is entering your property.

keyboard_arrow_rightDo you collect feedback from buyers?

Absolutely. Our team of Sales Advisers start following up with buyers 1 hour after a viewing has started, including by telephone call, sms, and email. We try to get hold of them on at least 3 separate occasions.

keyboard_arrow_rightHow long does the transfer process take?

Typically, the transfer and registration process in South Africa takes anything between 8-12 weeks, depending on the efficiency of the deeds office as well as your own preparedness, including how up to date your payments for rates & taxes and / or levies are. Your Area Property Expert will advise you on what you can do to minimize unnecessary delays.

keyboard_arrow_rightDo I have to use your conveyancing attorney?

In short, no. We have a panel of experienced and professional conveyancing attorneys who we have vetted and hold to the highest standards of service. As such, we highly recommend you use one of our preferred conveyancers. However, the decision of which conveyancing attorney to use is ultimately up to you.