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keyboard_arrow_rightWhat is the address of the property? Why is it not shown on the website?

For safety reasons, we are unable to disclose the exact address of the property until you have verified your identify with us and requested a viewing. We do however show a rough location on the property page (scroll to the bottom) to give you an idea of which area the property is located in.

keyboard_arrow_rightWhy do I need to provide my ID number when booking a viewing?

To ensure the safety of our sellers (who show the property themselves), we have to verify that the person coming to view the property is who they say they are. We do this securely through South Africa’s leading identity verification service,, who will check your ID number against the Home Affairs database.

When attending the viewing, we ask that you present your ID document or driver’s licence so that the seller knows the right person is entering their home.

keyboard_arrow_rightDo you give my ID number to the seller?

No, we also protect your privacy! We only provide them with a part of your ID number – they will see e.g. 8506xx xx17 086 – just enough to for them to check it against your ID document or driver’s licence.

keyboard_arrow_rightWhat about verifying the identity of the seller?

Before putting a property on our books, we personally meet with the owner, physically visit the property, and verify that they are the legitimate owner of the property.

keyboard_arrow_rightI can’t make the times available on the calendar, can I still go view the property?

Yes of course! In the booking form below the available times, tell us the times that suit you, and we will try to arrange a viewing during that time. Alternatively you can give us a call, and we’ll find a time that works for you and the seller.

keyboard_arrow_rightI’ve booked a viewing and I’m running late or I can’t make it anymore. What do I do?

Please let the owner know as soon as possible as they are waiting for you at the property. Their contact number will be on the viewing confirmation email as well as the reminder sms you received. Please also give us a call on 010 590 3088.

keyboard_arrow_rightI’ve seen a property I love and I’m ready to take the next step! What now?

Would you like to see the property again? Do you need more information on the property? Contact us on 010 590 3088 or, and one of our Sales Advisors will be happy to assist you.

Would you like to put in an offer? You can contact our office, or contact the real estate agent directly, using the contact details you received in your booking confirmation email.

keyboard_arrow_rightDo you assist with financing?

Our in-house home loan origination department has recently boomed into its own business, and we are thrilled to let you know that Leadhome Bond Origination is now Bondspark!

Bondspark is the first in South Africa to offer a web application for bond comparison. We combined our talented team with top technology to make it easy for you to apply for a home loan at multiple banks, all in one place, and with our same great service.

All 100% FREE. Visit to find out how.

keyboard_arrow_rightWhat does it mean when a property is “Reserved” or “Under offer”?

This means that the owner has accepted an offer, but the suspensive conditions have not yet been met. During this time we no longer schedule viewings of the property, but you can still send us a message to ask that we alert you if the suspensive conditions is not met.

keyboard_arrow_rightWhat does “suspensive conditions“ mean?

When an offer is made on a property, it is typically subject to a number of conditions. The two most common of these “suspensive conditions” is that the buyer needs to have their bond application approved by their bank (which can take up to 21 days), and/or the buyer needs to sell their own property.

keyboard_arrow_rightWhat happens if the suspensive conditions are not met?

If the suspensive conditions of an offer are not met within the period specified on the Offer To Purchase contract, then the offer expires and the seller may accept another offer, or allow the period to be extended.