South Africa

South Africa, also known as “The Rainbow Nation” is renowned for its varied topography, great natural beauty, and cultural diversity that boasts 11 official languages. The country features near-perfect climates lying within the temperate zone, and extremes of heat and cold are rare. The country features amazing fauna and flora and varied vegetation and has a rich and varied mammal life, with more than 200 species, including the big 5.


Gauteng is the fastest-growing province in South Africa, also known as the “City of Gold” (due to the province’s rich history ever since its discovery in Johannesburg 1886).

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Living in KwaZulu Natal


The KwaZulu-Natal province stretches along the warm Indian Ocean from Port Edward in the south to Swaziland and Mozambique in the north. This province is a favourite domestic holiday destination, attracting many international visitors.

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Living in Western Cape

Western Cape

The province is well known for Cape Town and it’s travel destinations which include Table Mountain and the beautiful beaches, and attractions like the picturesque Garden Route, which stretches several hundred kilometres from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth.

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Living in Eastern_cape

Eastern Cape

The Eastern Cape province features all three of the country’s biodiversity regions, which is further enhanced by its 820km of untamed coastline.

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