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Cape Town’s property market; booming or bubbling?

20 February 2024 | Dev Leadhome

In the face of South Africa’s strenuous economic conditions, characterised by a 5.9% consumer inflation rate and notably high interest rates (with the repo rate at 8.25% and the prime lending rate at 11.75%), the housing market’s resilience emerges as particularly noteworthy. A recent Residential Property Price Inflation (RPPI) report covered eight major municipalities across […]

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Is Proptech Catching Up?

15 November 2023 | Insights Team

Leadhome CEO Grant Smee weighs in on the state of property technology in South Africa As technology continues to disrupt traditional industries, from fintech revolutionising the financial sector to legal tech streamlining legal processes, one can’t help but wonder: Is property technology lagging? Leadhome, a leading online property sales company in South Africa, sheds light […]

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Understanding interest rates; more than a thumb-suck

1 November 2023 | Insights Team

The South African Reserve Bank’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) meets bi-monthly to assess the nation’s economic conditions and adjust interest rates accordingly. While these decisions are scrutinised by economists and financial advisors for their impact on borrowing costs, including home loans, there are those who trade in property who often offer opinions about when and […]

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Chasing the interest rate – what you should know about switching your home loan

6 December 2022 | Insights Team

With the South African repo rate on the increase and inflation high consumers feeling the pinch are searching for ways to save money. Banks and bond originators tempt homeowners struggling to meet suddenly higher than anticipated repayments with the prospect to switch and pay less on their home loans.  It’s the interest rate rat race. But […]

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Learn to accept that sometimes, less is more

11 October 2022 | Marcel du Toit

We are all feeling the strain of higher-than-forecast inflation, high food and energy costs, currency depreciation, record load shedding and, inevitably, repo rate hikes as our Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) struggles to curb July’s reported 7.8% inflation levels. So, with the latest in an uninterrupted series of repo rate hikes, 75 bps on 22 September […]

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