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Easy Indoor Herbs

20 April 2021 | Insights Team

An indoor herb garden for the apartment or complex lifestyle is an excellent addition. Not only do you save on having to purchase commercial herbs but also an excellent way to add quick and spurious flavours to your cooking! Ahead, our most favourite herb choices; Basil This herb is an all-time favourite. Popularly used in […]

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Five tips when decorating your rental apartment

7 April 2021 | Insights Team

Looking for ways to spruce up the interior design of a space that you do not own can be a difficult minefield to navigate. You need to figure out what sort of budget you are willing to allocate when investing time and effort into a temporary home. We highlight the parts of your rental home […]

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More South Africans are semigrating: Here’s why and where they are going

23 March 2021 | Insights Team

It is commonly known that as a result of industrialisation people have been moving  across towns, cities and provinces to be closer to opportunities and jobs. But with the reality of the Covid-19 pandemic and the limits and restrictions it has brought with it, many companies have had to change the way they do business […]

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What are your rights as a tenant when your landlord sells their property?

16 February 2021 | Insights Team

The South African rental market is a vibrant one; filled with many people who have consciously chosen renting as a lifestyle option. However, many tenants lack the legal know-how when it comes to their rights if the landlord chooses to sell the property they occupy. As it turns out, due to the financial strain brought […]

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Top property trends expected in 2021

19 January 2021 | Insights Team

Following unprecedented challenges in 2020 in the face of a global pandemic, every industry has had to adapt and adjust their service offerings accordingly, and cater to a market that has had different needs compared to the pre-pandemic era.  Similarly, the property market has had to keep up with the times and adjust its operating […]

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