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This old house, curating the perfect home by upcycling on a budget

3 May 2022 | Insights Team

With many of us spending more time at home than ever before, many of us are looking more critically at our living and working spaces and considering how best to improve the functionality of our homes to adapt to the new normal. These days, our new lifestyle requires our homes to be both comfortable to […]

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Is residential property (still) a vehicle for building long-term wealth?

26 April 2022 | Insights Team

One of the largest transactions we may ever make during the course of our lives is the purchase of a home. Some of us may even be fortunate enough to experience this landmark event a handful of times. Whatever the case may be, there is usually one critical question that we all ask ourselves as […]

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Celebrate a dreamy Valentine’s Day in the comfort of your home

8 February 2022 | Insights Team

This Valentine’s day, flex your creativity to create a romantic and unforgettable way to celebrate the Day of Love right from the comfort of your home. To get those creative juices flowing here are a few great ideas on how you can celebrate Valentine’s Day at home, in true style. Create romantic ambience Getting romantic […]

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Property, a vehicle to build wealth in 2022

27 January 2022 | Insights Team

The hotly debated topic of an interest rate hike has finally been put to bed with today’s SARB announcement to increase the repo rate by a further 0.25%. This marks the second interest hike since November 2021, bringing the base home rate to 7.5%, with a further two interest rate hikes anticipated in 2022. Seller’s […]

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Meet Ronel du Plooy, Agent of Change at SA’s No. 1 fixed-fee agency, Leadhome Properties

7 December 2021 | Insights Team

It is immediately apparent that there is a special quality about Leadhome Properties’ estate agent, Ronel du Plooy. Ronel is one of those rare, authentic, truly empathetic human beings, with that special kind of magnetic quality that people, even those who have not yet fully made her acquaintance, are simply drawn to.  Case in point? […]

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