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keyboard_arrow_rightWhat’s the difference between Leadhome and a traditional estate agency?

In short: service, availability, technology and cost.

Our agents are the best in the business. Leadhome sets the bar high when hiring agents (we call them real estate agents), and only hire passionate, tertiary educated property professionals who provide a service far superior to most traditional agents. They are supported by a team of friendly, helpful Sales Advisors who follow up with enquiries, viewings and buyer feedback within minutes.

We are available when you are. Unlike other agencies, we are available from 7am to 8pm on weekdays, and 8am to 5pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Leadhome has technology at its core. We use technology both to lower costs, as well as to provide a superior customer experience for both buyers and sellers.

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keyboard_arrow_rightWhat’s the difference between Leadhome and an online estate agency?

We firmly believe that a professional estate agent is vital to most real estate transactions, and that the insight, experience and personal service of an agent cannot be replaced by algorithms and a call centre. Real estate transactions can get tricky, and when they do, it makes a world of difference to have an experienced agent you trust to give advice and fight in your corner.

With Leadhome, you get the full estate agency service, including a personal estate agent who knows your area, a detailed valuation from someone who has physically inspected your home, professional photography, and help in negotiating with the buyer and closing the deal.

Many online agencies also charge their fee upfront, with no guarantee of a sale. Leadhome charges on successful transfer only.

For more details, see what makes us different