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keyboard_arrow_rightWhat is Simpli?

Simpli is a tool to help you manage and track the process of selling your home. With Simpli you can set your availability for potential buyers to book a viewing, and are notified when appointments are booked. Simpli will show you how your property is performing by providing data on website views, viewings scheduled and enquiries logged.

keyboard_arrow_rightHow do I set my availability?

On Simpli, click on the tab called ‘Availability’. The current week is displayed and you can click on the ‘next’ button to see upcoming weeks. To set your availability, click on the circle next to a time. You can select the circle next to ‘morning’ to select all the time slots for a morning. Once you have selected a time, you can change it by clicking on the circle again to deselect it. If you’d like to keep settings for a few weeks, click on the ‘repeat this week’ button and select the amount of weeks you’d like to repeat your settings for.

keyboard_arrow_rightWhen is my next viewing?

You can see your next viewing on the dashboard page, or by clicking on the ‘Viewings’ tab. From the dashboard, you can view details of the appointment by clicking on the ‘details’ button. If you’re on the ‘Viewings’ page, you can view details by clicking on the appointment bar.

keyboard_arrow_rightWhat if I can’t make a viewing anymore?

If you’re going to be a few minutes late for a viewing, phone the buyer to let them know. If you have a family emergency or can’t make the viewing, you can place a request for the buyer to reschedule. To request a reschedule, click on the appointment details and click on ‘Request reschedule’.

keyboard_arrow_rightI forgot to set my availability, what now?

You can set your availability at any time. If you forgot to set your availability, potential buyers can’t book viewings for your property – so try to do it every Sunday evening for the week. You’ll also get a reminder every Sunday evening, so use this opportunity to review your available times for the upcoming week.

keyboard_arrow_rightWhy do I have no upcoming viewings?

There could be various reasons why you have no viewings scheduled. Firstly, it could be that you forgot to set your availability for the week, which means potential buyers couldn’t book a viewing. Secondly, it could be that the market is not responding at your current listing price. If so, chat to your real estate agent about the way forward.

keyboard_arrow_rightI accepted an offer to purchase, why do I still need to set my availability?

An offer to purchase is typically subject to conditions, e.g. the approval of a bond. We will continue to market your property and book viewings until all suspensive conditions are met (just in case the offer you accepted falls through).

keyboard_arrow_rightWhere can I see my property listings?

Once your property is on the market, you’ll see four buttons ‘Leadhome’, ‘Property24’, ‘PrivateProperty’ and ‘MyProperty’ on Simpli that link to the listings.

keyboard_arrow_rightWhy do you have Facebook and Twitter buttons?

The power of social media to reach a large number of people is immense. At Leadhome we have seen that sellers who share their listings on social media platforms sell quicker than sellers who do not. Click on the buttons to share your listing and ask your friends to share too!

keyboard_arrow_rightWhat does “website views” mean?

Each view means someone looked at your property listing, whether it’s on Leadhome’s own website, or a portal like Property24. We refresh this data multiple times per day, but some portals only send us updated data once per day.

keyboard_arrow_rightWhy can’t I see enquiry details? Why are there more enquiries than viewing bookings?

To protect the privacy of our buyers, we only show their details if they’ve decided to book a viewing. Many buyers send enquiries to ask questions like whether the property is pet friendly, what the rates and levies are, etc. Rest assured, if a buyer enquires, we will follow up (typically within 5 minutes during our operating hours) and book a viewing for them if they’re interested.

keyboard_arrow_rightI have a large number of website views but few enquiries and viewings. What is going on?

In this case the most likely explanation is that the market is not responding at your current listing price. Buyers click on listings that are visually appealing (the reason why we only use professional photographers on every property we list), however when the asking price does not correspond to the value perceived through the photos, few enquiries are made. Best is to chat to your real estate agent about revising your listing price.