Five tips when decorating your rental apartment

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Five tips when decorating your rental apartment

7 April 2021 | Insights Team

Looking for ways to spruce up the interior design of a space that you do not own can be a difficult minefield to navigate. You need to figure out what sort of budget you are willing to allocate when investing time and effort into a temporary home. We highlight the parts of your rental home to focus on, and the others you should probably just live with.

Don’t be afraid to decorate

Whether you have chosen to live in this space for a year or just three months, a rental home is still YOUR living space. Don’t be afraid to express yourself or ignore aesthetics and aspects you dislike just because you don’t want to put in the effort for a short term payoff. Every space you occupy should be treated as your own. So make it work for you.

Invest in mobile decor

When renting, always consider the prospect of not knowing where you will be next. Purchase decorations that are versatile and perfectly suited to where you are. Modular sofas, folding chairs, and coffee tables with storage drawers offer a great temporary look for modern living.

Changing up the lighting

Creating your own style of lighting does not have to break the bank balance. Rather than trying to change ceiling fixtures, focus your budget on personal shades and lamps that you can take anywhere. One new stylish trend to look into is purchasing an LED wifi bulb that can change colours based on user input managed from the comfort of your laptop or smartphone!

Utilising wall art

Not interested in the expense of giving the wall a fresh new coat? That’s fine! Access to decals and versatile forms of wallpaper has never been easier. Even the simplest of designs can add bespoke to your home. Wallpaper not your thing? You can always hang pictures up. Some leases can be sticklers for what you are allowed to put up, but even the strictest terms are not an excuse for a dull blank wall. Art makes a home unique, there are millions of ways to bring it into your space.

Focus on the bright side 

That’s right, be positive! Don’t think that decorating a rental is somehow less than decorating a home you own. Rather, focus on the freedoms that not owning affords you. 

It is important to treat a rental as a home, no matter how long you live in it. No need to pretend it isn’t your home just because you don’t own it! 

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