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Love the office – effortless ways to improve your work-from-home experience

28 February 2023 | Insights Team

Are you working from home full-time or occasionally? Have you set up the perfect home workspace where you can focus on your deliverables comfortably and without interruption? Or, perhaps you have decided to study further, and need a quiet, dedicated area to study in? If you answered yes to any of these questions, here are some great ways to improve your home workspace.

Get the light right

Whether you are setting up a new workspace or you are revisiting an old one, the quality of light can increase – or hamper your productivity. Natural light coming from a window or skylight offers warm lighting that illuminates the space and is simply good for you. Natural light, however, changes throughout the day and you may require task lighting at certain times. Read these Tips For Better Home Office Lighting for more information.

Everybody deserves a good chair

We spend so much time working, so sitting on a quality chair is about more than just comfort. By providing the right support, encouraging good posture, and conforming to your body, the right chair can help prevent strain and injury. 

Make sure you have a good quality, comfortable ergonomic chair with good lumbar support. What is a good chair? Read more here.

Position your monitor

Sitting for hours on end in front of a monitor that is not at the correct height can cause immense discomfort. Position your monitor by adjusting the monitor height so that your eyes only look down slightly. Position the top of the screen at, or slightly below eye level. 

Go green

Studies have found that plants in the office can boost productivity by as much as 15%. Plants boost our mood, reduce stress and increase productivity.  They also purify the air by removing toxins and releasing oxygen. When selecting indoor plants, carefully consider their growing requirements including light and water. Getting this right will ensure that both you and your plants thrive!


Clutter can be so messy and distracting! Clear your desk by putting away all the items you don’t need. Purchase a few handy containers to keep all your bits and pieces organised. Make sure everything has designated storage so that it is easier to tidy up when necessary. 

Backup power

Don’t get left in the dark by ongoing load shedding. Keep your work uninterrupted by investing in an inverter. There are many different options to choose from, so carefully assess your needs before purchasing. Read more.

Love your space

Make your home workspace somewhere you look forward to spending time in. Take a look at these home office decor ideas that make even the smallest of spaces so inspiring.

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