Southern Hospitality – With Leadhome’s Brett Herbert
Megan Owen, September 22, 2017

I took a drive around the south of Johannesburg with Brett Herbert, Area Property Expert for Leadhome.

I was pleasantly surprised by both the suburbs and the knowledge of my tour guide.

How did you become an Area Expert in the south of Joburg?

I grew up in Oakdene and have always lived in and loved the south. I went to primary school at Highveld primary – a little bubble near home, and then went to KES. After KES I went to Wits and studied architecture. I have played club soccer for pretty much every local team in the south over the years and have a broad group of friends here.

What do you love about the south?

Mainly the people. They are mostly honest and hardworking, predominately in the trades where many have their own small businesses and work with their hands. The people are friendly, helpful and always down to earth.

What have you noticed about the property market here?

The property that has boomed in the south recently has been in complexes and estates. Meyersdal Eco Estate, Eye of Africa and Bassonia Estate have all become very popular. Apart from the added security offered by guarded complexes, people are also moving into smaller units that have lower maintenance and running costs.

Have you bought here?

Yes. We bought a sectional title unit in a complex in Bassonia and we’re very happy.

Why did you join Leadhome?

Maybe it’s the south in me, but I have always preferred smaller entrepreneurial environments. A friend of mine told me about Leadhome, and it was a perfect fit for my interest in property, an entrepreneurial culture, and my desire to stay and work in the south.

What has the response been to Leadhome?

The response has been very positive. I only started two months ago, but from my first few valuations four listed on our site because they felt it was good value. I thought people might push back on having to show their own homes, but they were more than happy to do this. These are the type of people who take pride in their homes many have done their own renovations and improvements and should rightfully reap the benefits when they decide to sell.

Tell us something we don’t know about Leadhome.

Leadhome takes safety very seriously. A potential buyer has to register their ID number with the site before they can make appointments. We also check that a seller is really the person registered as owning a particular home. We make every effort to ensure only genuinely interested buyers and sellers are connected through our website. It’s a lot more controlled than traditional show days.

What might we not know about the south of Johannesburg?

There is a great sense of community in the south and everyone comes out with their families on weekends to enjoy the outdoors. There are several well-kept hiking trails in the area, which make for a fun Sunday hike. My girlfriend and I walk our family Labradors every Sunday in Rietvlei Park.

Our favourite restaurants Parreirinha, Churrasqueira, Madeira Bar have been popular for years. The resident Portuguese community ensures the authentic food is excellent and so we don’t have the flavour-of-the-month places that the north seems to favour.

Why buy in the south?

Value for money. You can get a lot more for your “buck”.

This post has been edited to accurately reflect our current business model.

Brett’s deep roots in the area and his architectural background make him an excellent choice to help sellers in the south list on Leadhome. Smart, honest and detail orientated – sounds like the perfect person to help you sell your home!

Megan Owen
Megan grew up in Bryanston and left for New York after completing a BA in Law and Politics at Wits. In the States she started working as a Head Hunter and spent her free time traveling extensively and immersing herself in her passions - all things cultural. Megan returned to Bryanston five years ago and has never looked back. She continues to place senior executives around the world, while also running a celebrity booking agency, Actorvate, with her sister, actress Hayley Owen. Megan and Hayley live next door to each other in Bryanston and enjoy soaking up everything the neighborhood and its surrounds have to offer, from food, to fitness, to entertainment, to spa treatments, to nightlife. This blog is designed to share some of the highlights and experiences that this part of Joburg has to offer.

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