Thanks 2018, it’s been GOOD
, January 28, 2019

I can’t believe that it’s December already. It feels like just the other day that we were poring over our plans and aspirations for 2018, and here we are at the end of the year.

I think most South Africans will agree with me that 2018 was definitely not a year for “sissies”. We had many ups and downs throughout this year and it really did feel a bit like the eternal rollercoaster. One issue would die down in the media and just when we thought we could exhale, another would appear on the horizon.

But at Leadhome, we have weathered the storm and, despite the predictions of doom and gloom in a skittish property market, we have not only fared well but we have grown this organisation quite considerably during 2018.

We not only increased our staff contingent (hiring some incredible talent to complement our already extraordinarily talented team), but also opened up in Bloemfontein and we are planning to launch in new territories in South Africa in 2019, the first being Port Elizabeth in the first week of January.

I like to think that operating in more challenging times has made us stronger and more agile in our operation. In our business, we need flexibility and to go with the tide. As a new tech-based company, we understand the importance of being fluid and firmly grasping our market. The fact that we are driven by data means we have solid facts at our fingertips, and I think this really helps us to work in an industry that is in a state of flux and still produce the results. We know what properties are worth in the different areas in which we work because the numbers tell us what is plausible and what is not. Our customers have really appreciated and enjoyed our authenticity and fresh approach to selling homes efficiently, but coming off a base that is truthful and realistic.

Our profile has also grown, and I have great pride in seeing Leadhome featured on the various media platforms. We have also had the opportunity to understand that journalists don’t always get the facts right, and in some instances it seemed that the concept of Leadhome was a bit too good to be true (for some platforms), but that’s also given us the opportunity to work with media establishments and tell them who we are – something we will do a lot more of in the New Year. It was great for Harry, our Principal, and me to be interviewed for Moneyweb, News24, ENCA and the like – not only did we get to hone our media skills but we also got to understand views from the competition and from the marketplace in general.

Our blog has become a lot more vibrant with lots of what we hope is interesting, informative and useful content and we have really made some moves in the social media space. I know that our local property experts have also made serious inroads in the various communities and areas where we work, and being of service to happy customers has been one of the great joys of being in this business.

So yes, 2018 has been a tricky year at times, but it has also been largely rewarding. On a personal level, I like to think we have all grown individually, and on a company level, we have certainly matured.

I heard the other day that gratitude is a superpower and if that’s true, I am in a very powerful space. I am very grateful to the amazing team that I work with at Leadhome –  you are a great bunch of people and continue to inspire me every day. Thanks for your commitment and passion. To our clients and customers – we know that selling or buying a home is personal, and thank you for partnering with us to create the best possible outcomes and achievements. To all of you who have sent in testimonials about our service and our company, we really appreciate it.

We have much to be grateful for in this incredible country we are lucky to call home. To every South African who makes an effort to make things work and to create a positive space where we can live and grow, thank you.

To 2019 – we have got your number. Watch this space!


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