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Marcél du Toit is CEO of Leadhome. He is interested in the intersection where technology, customer service, and the real world meet, with a specific focus on proptech. Outside of Leadhome he's passionate about his two rescue dogs, sport, and all things South Africa. Marcél holds a masters degree in Management & Finance from the University of Oxford.

Selling your home? We’ve got good news for you!

23 April 2021 | Marcel du Toit

Over the past couple of months, we’ve talked about how the residential property market is booming and about how the factors driving this trend will most likely be sustained throughout 2021. Probably the biggest driver of residential sales is the low interest rate, and there’s talk of the Reserve Bank knocking off another percentage point […]

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Property market buoyant, even in a volatile economic environment

31 March 2021 | Marcel du Toit

With the interest rate at an all-time low – and expected to stay in the low single-digits for some time to come – South Africans are making the most of the opportunity to gain a foothold into the residential property market, or to invest in larger properties. The thriving market is driven by two key […]

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Defining the property market in 2021 and beyond

24 February 2021 | Marcel du Toit

Sometimes things change, sometimes they stay the same. Essentially, people like to deal with people. The Leadhome business model revolves around the customer. Through technology we enable buyers, sellers and agents to fulfil critical roles in the process of a home sale. We allow buyers and sellers to control certain steps of the process to ensure […]

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Leadhome celebrates 5th anniversary as a successful year comes to an end

26 November 2020 | Marcel du Toit

The festive celebrations have extra meaning for Leadhome this year, as we recently celebrated our 5th anniversary. From humble beginnings, we’ve built a company that is undoubtedly transforming the property industry landscape in South Africa. To gain insight into how Leadhome has achieved this success, take a look at the profiles of our top management: […]

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Property News from our CEO, Black Friday and more…

26 October 2020 | Marcel du Toit

With the challenging year of 2020 starting to wind down, things are finally starting to look up from a South African perspective, with the rate of daily Covid cases flattening out, lockdown restrictions at their lowest level and the economy starting to slowly move onto a positive curve.  This upward trajectory is good news for […]

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