Here’s why we sell homes 31% faster than the rest.
Insights Team, August 23, 2019

The Leadhome ‘speed’ is something that has been cultivated since our inception four years ago. With a focus on best service, our client insights and approach has ensured that we are not only able to successfully sell homes, but in a national average sales time of just 68 days. When compared against the average of 99 days, as indicated by the latest FNB Barometer report, the data clarifies that we sell a home 31% faster than our competitors. 

In a tumultuous climate, this is a significant win for the client. We know that the number of houses for sale is increasing, but the sales cycle is taking longer. Leadhome has recognised that clients require more from a real estate agency and we are working hard to assist them to manage this important process. The extended days on the market is a pain we all share but is indicative of the economic struggle, and as always, are dependant on location and property value.

Like so many businesses, the real estate market too is evolving as external forces shape and shift how we do business in South Africa. Our continued success and the ability to sell properties 31% faster tells us we are doing something right and gives us peace of mind that our agency is making a difference. 

We will continue to offer a superior service at a much faster pace.

Insights Team
We're the "thinking arm" of Leadhome, combining expertise in data analysis, modelling, sociology, geography, and philosophy to interrogate current trends in the South African residential property market. Proudly contemplative since 2015.

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