Top 5 urban gardening tips
Insights Team, December 10, 2019

Transform your space and add a green touch to even the smallest patio or balcony with our urban gardening tips. 

1. Buy plants that you love and find the right spot for them

If you have always wanted to grow your food, why not kickstart your collection with a pick of your favourite herbs? Next, you need to find your herbs the perfect spot. Do a bit of research if there is no clear indication about the plant’s light and temperature requirements.

Sun-loving plants will be somewhat forgiving if you keep them in the shade for a few days – but indoor plants will not be able to withstand our harsh sun. 

2. Oh, contain yourself

There is no reason not to explore your green dreams. Simply, grow your plants in containers. Ensure that there are holes in the containers so that excess water can drain. And protect your floor and furniture by placing the pot in a planter drip tray. 

3. On the up and up

Nowadays there are plentiful modular vertical gardening sets available in various sizes and configurations. You can buy them at your nursery or online.

If you still want your vertical garden but don’t have much to spend, source wooden pallets that are safe to use with your plants. You can secure your containers to the different levels on the wooden pallet to build out your vertical garden. 

4. Make the right splash

If you have an outdoor garden, why not opt for xerophytic plants? You won’t have to water them very often as these kinds of plants have adaptations to help them survive in areas with little rainfall. 

Take a look at the self-watering solutions online – some are so simple you probably have everything you need in your home already. Self-watering solutions are especially handy if you are going on holiday. 

5. S(p)oil yourself

You definitely want to make sure it is the right soil if you are planting your plants into new containers or decide to grow them from seed. 

Some plants need soil that drains quickly – think about the sand those xerophytic plants would grow in naturally. Other plants thrive in moisture like moss.

You also want to look at topping up the nutrients in your soil as they will get depleted after some time. You should be able to find a variety of fertilisers at your nursery. Don’t overdo it with the fertiliser because a mixture that is too strong will burn your plants. 

There are also lots of things you can pop in your plants, instead of in the bin, that will help them grow. Coffee grounds, for example, releases nitrogen into the soil as it degrades. Eggshells are also welcome in the garden for its abundance of calcium. 

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