Local Property Experts are defined by an absolute drive to be the best

5 March 2020 | Insights Team

“Local Property Experts are also the best at what they do and do it the best way possible,” says Douglas Holder, Leadhome’s Local Property Expert in Bryanston. Thanks to Local Property Experts using their specialist area knowledge in conjunction with the latest smart data, they are an integral part of Leadhome’s successful track record of simplifying real estate.

“Local Property Experts are the face of Leadhome, we meet with sellers and are sometimes the first human a buyer talks to after having booked their viewing and then plan to make an offer on a home. We meet with the sellers to value their home and discuss how we work and what they can expect. The Local Property Expert role entails knowing an area well, meeting sellers and buyers, doing valuations and coaching the seller on the best plan forward for their home, among many other responsibilities,” he says.

Holder adds that Leadhome’s clever use of technology makes the entire process of buying and selling more seamless and convenient than traditional methods. “Buyers like instant gratification and the Leadhome platform allows them to book and secure a viewing without having to wait for someone to get back to them. The whole process is the way of the future.”

While general market conditions remain constrained, Holder expects to see a slight turnaround within the next 12 to 18 months. “There is already some increased buyer activity, but with so much choice it requires more feet through the door to convert interest into a sale. Banks are also starting to offer 105% bonds for first-time buyers to stimulate the market. In Bryanston, buyers are looking for the best deals they can get. Because buyers have so much choice and know the market if a home isn’t priced correctly buyers are simply not willing to make an offer.”

In addition to ever-changing market conditions, Holder says the real estate industry itself will need to adapt to meet modern customers’ needs. “We work in a very different way to not only other agencies but also other companies. New agents to Leadhome need to be self-motivated and willing to do their best to succeed.

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