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Father’s Day Brunch

17 June 2021 | Insights Team

Father’s Day celebrations need not follow the same formula of Sunday lunch out every year, when there are so many unique ways to spend time with dad that are worth the memories. It’s important for both you, dad, and the family that you make each Father’s Day special and filled with activities to bring you all closer.

Ask any dad and you will know that it’s not about gifts, expensive lunches, or extravagant cards, but it is the time that you spend together that is important. That’s exactly why we’ve devised a ton of fun activities to enjoy alongside a tasty brunch. Ditch the iPads and phones and spend some quality time together.

Cook an All-Star brunch with dad

We’ve mentioned this already, dad likes spending quality time with you. So rather than trying to envision and craft the perfect meal on your own, why not ask dad to join in and help you prepare it, or learn how to cook his favorite meal.

Possibly the best way to start Father’s Day is having dad by your side. Finding in-person cooking classes on a Sunday might be a little tough, so why not try signing up for some virtual cooking classes instead, or watch a Youtube video and get organised beforehand? Nothing says fun more than two guys in a kitchen learning to cook!

Thinking of trying something a little less busy? Why not read through some traditional recipes beforehand, make some notes, get prepped, and invite dad to join in.

25 traditional brunch options:

We’ve discovered 25 awesome recipes listed by Martha Stewart that should cover the bare basics before getting into the really fun stuff. From cheesy spinach and egg casseroles, to bourbon-glazed pork chops, Martha’s list covers just about any mixture of flavours.

Trial some of her recipes here.

Personalise your brunch plans with easily printable decorations!

Father’s Day printables are a fun and easy way to not only personalise this special day with Dad. but also turn the celebrations into a fun event. From banners to sticker covers for your cups and decanters, there are multiple easy to access design templates and patterns to use that will make your decorations look professionally made.

Take a look at this step-by-step guide:

Father’s Day Printables

Easy to print stickers simply require adhesive paper and a pair of scissors to size them to spec. What’s more, you can get the kids involved and show them some neat decorative tricks like how to make the perfect Father’s Day card. 

Speaking of which, try out this great idea for a homemade card to make dad feel special this Sunday.

Easy to make Father’s Day card

When it comes to looking for the perfect gift there are boundless options to choose from that make it harder for dad to decide what he really wants. In the spirit of DIY, we obviously have some creative ideas because we believe that homemade gifts are the best gifts (especially if you’re on a tight budget!).

Take a look at these creative ideas and get inspired: 

50 Homemade Father’s Day Gifts You Can Easily DIY

Board games for the whole family

Sometimes it’s hard to get dad to stop stressing about work and join in for a few fun games. Classics like Monopoly, Scrabble, or Cluedo are really cool! But we also have some new ideas that not only encourage his old competitive flair but are fun brain teasers you can enjoy with the whole family. 

This Father’s Day, make sure dad has zero excuses to try out some of our top board game picks. Mix and match both old and new school ideas to keep everyone entertained.

Dragon Snacks

Help the baby dragon deal with his tummy ache!

This one is perfect for families with kids between the ages of three and thirteen. Dads, moms,  and kids will have a ton of fun fishing treasures out of the dragon’s belly. If the dragon’s nose lights up the same colour as the treasure, you get to keep hold of it! The first person to collect all treasure colours wins. 

Dragon Snacks is great for two to four players.

Exploding Kittens 

Disclaimer: No kittens are harmed during this game!

Becoming an almost household name in just under five years was an explosive feat for the developers of this action-packed board game. Exploding kittens is a simple card game that is perfect for people who love kittens… and explosions… but not necessarily at the same time! 

A typical game sees players take turns drawing cards, and when the player draws an Exploding Kitten card, they’re exploded out of the game. There are a number of action cards that you can hold onto that will prevent an explosion, such as laser pointer cards, kitten yoga cards, and kitten therapy in order to keep players from literally bombing out.

Exploding kittens is great for anyone over the age of thirteen.

Astro Trash

Astro Trash is a board game for people who like cleaning up! Race to clear your planet’s mess of debris first and win! Be careful though, other players are looking to get rid of their trash too which means you might end up with all of it.

Astro Trash is a fast-paced game that sees you rolling the dice to decide which neighbour you get to offload your trash to. The more people you play with, the more hectic it becomes! Have a laugh with dad and the kids.

Classic Jenga

We all know what this game’s about. If by some miracle dad has never played this before then now is the time!

Build motor skills, strategy, and the patience to know when to execute a giant tumble while competing with your family. The goal of Jenga is to remove a piece of the tower and place it on the top without causing it to cascade into everyone’s laps! Whoever causes the tower to fall has to build it all up again. (Not official rules.)

So there you have it, a fully homemade day for dad and the family. Spend this Father’s Day in the comfort of your home and enjoy a scrumptious brunch and relaxing afternoon gaming without having to leave your front door.

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