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Insights Team, March 12, 2019

Selling your home doesn’t have to be a stressful and drawn-out process. Here are a few Leadhome tips to ensure that your home is sold quickly and that the journey is an easy one.

Whatever your reason for selling your home, we acknowledge that the process can be a bit daunting on many levels, so the last thing you want is the added anxiety of having your home on the market for months and months with no buyer in sight. You have made the decision to move on with your life and waiting for your home to be sold can really throw a spanner in the works.

Take John and Linda, who bought their dream home in an established Johannesburg suburb soon after they were married. Fast-forward six years and the couple decided that a gentler life on the Garden Route would suit them a lot better, so they had a chat with a local estate agent and put their house on the market. Very hopeful of getting a good price when the house was sold “in a month or two”, Linda gave up her job and John started to make moves to give up his teaching business and start job-hunting in Knysna. Two years later, after too many show days and a range of estate agents giving them differing advice, they finally sold their home for a price that matched the going price for houses in the suburb. The emotional toil was very real, and having to constantly negotiate with agents and potential buyers was exhausting. It also seemed that the longer the house stayed on the market, the less value it seemed to have.

John and Linda may not be the norm, but they really hoped at the beginning that they would get their expected asking price for their home. The fact that the area had gone down considerably (despite gentrification of suburbs closeby) had a lot to do with the snail pace of the selling process. The fact that their agents continued to give them poor advice also added to this stressful time.

“You want to sell your home fast and efficiently,” says Leadhome Chief Operating Officer Harry Hattingh. “In order to do that you need to pay attention to the technical data.”

The industry standard for selling a home appears to presently be between 100 and 125 days, whereas Leadhome is currently averaging around 35 days.   

There are quite a few reasons the Leadhome model is so efficient, says Hattingh.

“Leadhome is a tech-based property company, which means we work with data – and the data tells us what properties are selling for in a certain area at a certain time. So when discussing the selling price with our clients, we are working with actual facts and figures and we base the sale price on the data. This means we don’t inflate the price just to appease what a customer thinks a home is worth – which makes a huge difference.”

He says that the role of Leadhome’s experienced local property experts is to provide a professional, accurate valuation on a home, as well as to give honest, transparent advice on how to move the process along swiftly. Leadhome’s local property experts know their areas and can give good advice as they have in-depth knowledge of the market, supported by data, and won’t set unrealistic goals.

“Once a client has agreed on a selling price, we will then formulate the optimal marketing strategy and do what we can to ensure that the home is sold quickly and efficiently. Clients are getting excellent service, real facts and figures, and are getting real value for money, as well as ease of experience,” says Hattingh.

With traditional estate agencies, the endless show days are a real downer for sellers, and one of the other advantages of working with Leadhome means that, as the seller, you can choose when to show your home off to potential buyers and let them know all the great aspects of your property and area. Who better to tell them about the highlights than you, who have lived there?

Shauna Kelly, from the Cape Town office, says Leadhome is making its mark in Cape Town because – as a modern, tech-based company with experienced agents, the company really is turning traditional ways of selling property on their head.

“We make the process of selling your home effortless. Our sellers are always up to speed with the entire process from start to finish and our technology is just out of this world. We are a team of knowledgeable people, with a passion for real estate, focused on giving you the best possible service.”

Leadhome has been in operation for over three years and we are growing from strength to strength. Our customers have been blown away by the service we offer and of course the fact that we are efficient in what we do.

Matt Spooner, one of our clients from The Parks-area, sent a huge thank you to our local property expert, Lloyd Hobbs, and said: “Lloyd made a hectic thing like selling our home easy and a pleasure. The property valuation was very professional and we sold within a month, communication was also excellent. We saved R200 000!!! Thanks!”

There are loads more of these happy client testimonials on our Facebook page and on our website.

So if you want to sell your home quickly and efficiently with the help of your local property expert, give us a call. You don’t want to end up like John and Linda – putting your life on hold while waiting to sell your home.

Insights Team
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