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Insights Team, September 16, 2019

Competition is fierce in the real estate industry and these days you need to set yourself apart with modern marketing techniques online as well as offline.

Although real estate agents are still undoubtedly key in the home buying process buyers are increasingly looking to do more research online before contacting an agent.

And because many buyers use the internet to begin their house hunting quest it is vital for real estate agents to have an active online presence.

We are set up for social!

Leadhome has accounts on all the big social media platforms and this is where we interact with users, share industry news and promote your property.

It is also good to be online because home shoppers are likely to share their top picks with friends and family and this is easy on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

There are many ways for buyers to get in touch with us when they find their dream home. Buyers can easily book a viewing on our website – any time of the day. Our team is available from Monday to Sunday to help buyers book a viewing over the phone and at a time that suits them. Buyers can also get in touch with Leadhome on our website or touch base with our social media team who handle all queries that come in from our social media accounts.

And if you don’t see your property on our page that doesn’t mean we are not giving it online exposure – our specialist marketing team creates daily digital campaigns to promote new listings and because they are the experts – they know how to get the listings under all the right eyes. So if you are the seller of a property it won’t be relevant to advertise your own home to you – right?

Our digital marketing guys also advertise on Google and help to get your listing onto the top property portals in South Africa. These platforms attract millions of viewers per month – especially the big players like Property 24 and Private Property.

Gone are the days of searching for properties in print  – these days about 90% of home searches begin on a smartphone, a desktop computer or tablet – so your property has to be advertised online if you want it to get discovered and ultimately sold.

Insights Team
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