Taking it down a size
Insights Team, October 14, 2019

The American and Japanese trend of living small in a tiny home has hit our shores with more and more companies popping up to build custom and prefabricated tiny houses. But have you ever given this idea of living tiny a second thought? With the number of documentaries and shows on our TV screens punting the American tiny home dream, we see the downsizing trend becoming more and more popular by the day.

But does downsizing have any benefits for homeowners and even first-time homebuyers? The answer is simply, yes. There is a range of benefits to selling your home and opting for either a smaller space or even going all in and getting a tiny house built. So, what are these benefits:

  • Save time, save money

This benefit is more for the retiree looking for less space and save on the daily costs of running a home. Having less surface to clean means a tidier home and saving on clean time and products. Selling your paid-up home for something half the size and price will help you bolster your retirement.

  • More adventures

Your typical tiny house is built with ease of travel in mind, think old school caravan only a lot more luxury in the shape of a house. They are usually around 80 to 120 square metres and built on a trailer to make moving around very easy. Also, you can park your house pretty much anywhere legal.

  • Cost of buying a house

A smaller price means less money leaving your pocket every month in both bond costs and running costs such as electricity, water, and rate and taxes. But be aware if you’re buying into a complex it comes with levies. The other end of the coin, a tiny house, if saved up for, won’t necessarily require a bond and therefore no bond costs or transfer fees. Always make sure you know what you’re going to pay for before jumping in.

  • It’s less complicated

Taking the leap to downsize makes your life less cluttered and less complicated. You won’t need half the things you have collected over your lifespan and you’ll need exactly what you need. Think minimalism. Utilising only space you need to live, function and relax will take so much stress off your day, leaving you with more peace of mind and better relaxation.

Downsizing to either a townhouse or even from a 4-bedroom home to a 2 bedroom, and even the extreme a tiny home has many benefits for those who are retired or first-time buyers who are looking for a simpler waste-free life. We can help you sell your home so you can downsize, easy and carefree. But first make sure a simpler, smaller way of life is for you.

Insights Team
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