Smart owners have smart homes

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Smart owners have smart homes

16 March 2020 | Insights Team

Considering automating your home? A smart home will make your property hugely attractive to prospective buyers, setting it head and shoulders above the rest.

Home automation is a growing trend. Many prospective buyers are looking for it as a fundamental feature of their new home. Sure, at first it may have been received as a luxury reserved for the elite. But smart home technology is increasingly found on the must-have lists of buyers who crave convenience and connectivity in not only their daily lives but also for security purposes. 

While many homes might have basic automation features, we are talking a bit more than a timer on a sprinkler here. Technology has evolved and nowadays, smart home solutions automate multiple devices. These devices often connect to a central hub via high-speed internet and either connect with a standalone unit or a portable smart device, like a tablet or phone.

Automation puts you in control. Adjusting your security or even lighting at home has never been easier.  Almost anything electronic can be turned on or off at the press of a button. Best of all is that you can do it from anywhere – even when you are not at home. The benefits are numerous – imagine switching off the alarm, opening the garage and turning on the lights and TV as you pull into your driveway. 

Owning a smart home not only makes everything quicker and more convenient in your everyday life. It also makes it more attractive to future buyers. The more tech ease and accessibility your home offers, the more a buyer is likely to desire it, making it a great feature to highlight on your listing. 

While some systems can be installed yourself, for a more comprehensive setup, contact a reputable home automation company. They can help to determine the best automation system for your home and needs.

The idea of a ”smart home” is slowly becoming the norm. In fact, according to Statista, the number of smart homes is on a sharp upward curve, with the number of smart homes globally forecasted to surpass the 300 million mark by 2023.

When deciding to invest in smart features, inform your decisions on what will add value to your home and improve it. The investment is worth it when you look past better day-to-day living and consider that it increases your home’s appeal as well as market value.

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