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Why show your own home?

6 May 2020 | Insights Team

At Leadhome our goal is to help you sell your property AND save you money. In fact, our whole business model is about helping you sell your property faster and for the best possible price by combining technology and our Local Property Expert’s expertise. 

To ensure that we are as successful as possible when it comes to selling properties, we took a good look at where agent intervention is crucial and where agents could take a step back. One such area where we’ve realised that agents do not need to be present is showing homes. Traditionally agents will show a property on behalf of the seller however we’ve found that having an agent show a home isn’t necessary, in fact, it’s something that you, as the seller, can do – and do well.

Here are some of the reasons why it’s better that you show your own home:

You know your property

It is safe to say that you know your property better than anyone else, so when it comes to showing prospective buyers around your property, who better to do it than you? You know all the ins and outs of your property and are most well-equipped to answer any questions the prospective buyer may have. Showing your own property adds a personal touch to the viewing which could be the deciding factor that leads to a prospective buyer making an offer.

It is cost effective

By showing prospective buyers your property yourself, you’re eliminating the need for an agent or Local Property Expert to travel to your home to do the showing. Removing these additional and unnecessary costs is part of what ultimately enables us to charge you a lower fee.

Leadhome verifies prospective buyers to ensure your safety

Leadhome verifies all prospective buyers before they are able to view your property, in order to ensure your safety. In order for a prospective buyer to book a viewing, they have to give their valid ID number (which is then checked against the population register through our partners at, cellphone number and email address. A prospective buyer cannot view a property without first having made a booking. You, as the seller, will be emailed the prospective buyer’s ID number and are strongly encouraged to request proof of ID when the buyer arrives at the viewing.

We help you along the way

Just because you will be showing your property yourself doesn’t mean that we aren’t with you every step of the way. Our Local Property Experts will always be available to give you advice on what you need to do, bookings to view your property will be made through Leadhome and should the prospective buyer want to make an offer after viewing your property, our Local Property Experts will step in to guide them through the process. 

How it’s done:

Our Local Property Experts advise that you open up your viewing calendar for a minimum of two evenings a week and two hours over the weekend, so that prospective buyers have options when choosing a time slot that suits them.

  • Viewings are booked in 15 minute intervals.
  • Prospective buyers will then book a viewing a day in advance through Leadhome, either online or via our team of property advisors, in order to give you enough time to prepare.
  • Prospective buyers are verified by Leadhome before they are able to book a viewing to ensure your safety.
  • Once a viewing has been booked you will receive an SMS and email from Leadhome confirming the viewing.
  • The prospective buyer will then arrive for the viewing and you will need to walk them through your property and answer any questions they may have.

So, all that’s left to do is to clean your home, lock away your valuables, neaten your garden, open up your windows and show your property to prospective buyers like a pro.

Insights Team

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