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6 May 2020 | Insights Team

We live in a constantly changing world – now more so than ever – and we’ve seen first hand just how important it is, as a real estate agency, to be able to adapt to and grow with this change. To truly embrace this role, we realised that we needed to shake things up in the industry and completely change the way that homes are sold. In order to do this, we put together a strategy for marketing properties that is a step above the rest – one that focuses on attracting as many prospective buyers as possible.

We’ve got you covered, find out more about how we sell better and faster: 

Our Approach

Our approach to marketing properties is unique in that, while much of our marketing is done online and aims to connect buyers from all over South Africa to your property via an array of online platforms, our Local Property Experts are still on hand to guide you throughout the process, from giving you a professional valuation to ensure your home is correctly priced, to providing you with any assistance you need.


When it comes to getting a professional and accurate valuation for your property we have two different options. Our first option is where one of our Local Property Experts comes to your property and does a valuation for you in person; however, as in-person valuations are not possible at the moment, we also offer a virtual desktop valuation.

Pricing Offerings

When it comes to selling your property with us, we have two pricing options which you can choose from, namely our Leadhome Classic Offering and our Leadhome Plus offering. Our Classic offering has a fixed fee structure based on the value of your property while our Plus Offering has a negotiable fee structure and is for clients who would like their Local Property Expert to be more actively involved in the selling of their home.

Professional Photography

Once you’ve signed up with us it’s full steam ahead and we start by sending one of our talented photographers to take beautiful shots of your property, which will be used for your listing. 

Online Marketing

From there we move online, which is where the online marketing magic happens. We’ll advertise your property on all major online platforms in South Africa, including the Leadhome platform, connecting your listing with a database of thousands of potential buyers and ensuring that your property receives maximum exposure. 

Our partners include:

  • Property24
  • Google
  • IOL Property
  • Lightstone Property
  • Private Property
  • MyProperty
  • ImmoAfrica
  • bidorbuy
  • PriceCheck
  • Mail & Guardian
  • Yahoo

Social Media

We also have a broad presence across all of the popular social media platforms, including Facebook and LinkedIn.

Database of active buyers

Leadhome has a private and exclusive database of thousands of active buyers. We use this database to market and match your property to interested buyers, who have been carefully segmented to streamline the process, through personalised property alerts.

Why is our style of marketing so effective?

Our success in marketing properties lies in our ability to maximise the visibility of our listings online as well as how we adapt to meet the ever-changing requirements of South Africa’s property market. By ensuring that your property is listed on a large array of property platforms, we’re increasing the likelihood of prospective buyers finding your property, creating more interest in your property. Increased interest will, in turn, help you sell your property.

Leadhome’s ability to adapt to the market has proven itself to be more crucial than ever in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although much of our marketing is already done online, we have had to further change and improve the way we do things in order to continue marketing and selling homes during this time. To ensure that prospective buyers can get a feel for the properties, despite being unable to do viewings, we are offering virtual video tours which our sellers can make of their properties, which we will then upload to their existing listings.

So, if you’re looking to sell your property and you want to be sure that it receives the best possible online marketing that will connect it to thousands of prospective buyers, then consider selling your property with Leadhome.

Insights Team

We're the "thinking arm" of Leadhome, combining expertise in data analysis, modelling, sociology, geography, and philosophy to interrogate current trends in the South African residential property market. Proudly contemplative since 2015.

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