Some Unusual New Year’s Resolutions

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Some Unusual New Year’s Resolutions

12 January 2021 | Insights Team

Happy New Year!  

With 2021 upon us, many people will be eager to vanquish the memories of 2020 and embark on New Year’s resolutions to ensure they have a fresh start and reinvent themselves this year. And we all know the usual kind of New Year’s resolutions that make the rounds: “I’ll work harder”; “I’ll be kinder”; “I’ll spend more time with my family”. While all of those resolutions are noble and should be stuck to, you should also consider committing yourself to other types of New Year resolutions. 

These resolutions may be considered more unusual, but are equally as valuable as they encourage you to relook at elements about yourself and your life that you may have ignored or neglected. 

Here are some unusual New Year’s resolutions that you may want to make:

Make a new friend every month

It has been proven in clinical studies that having friends is critical for our mental and physical health – the more friends you have, the better off you are. As such, why don’t you make a New Year’s resolution to expand your social circle and gain as many friends as you can?  By making friends with people who have different personalities, interests and backgrounds to you, your horizons will be broadened, and you will extract much more value out of your life. 

Learn something new that you never learned as a child

As children and teeenagers, we were taught the basic values of life we would need as adults, including how to handle our finances, how to drive and basic education. But were you taught things like how to ride a bicycle, swim or how to do a handstand? All of us have a deficit in terms of things we have never learnt. You should make it your goal in 2021 to release your inner child and do all the things that you never learnt to do when you were growing up. Make a list of what you want to learn and have some fun while you’re at it! 

Try out new, healthy food 

Many of us may want to subtract from our diet after overindulging in the festive season. Rather than simply cutting our food though, we should choose to add more food to our diet, especially if the food is of the healthy variety. It is critical to eat a varied diet to ensure that you receive all the necessary nutrients that you need.  Make a resolution to frequent the fruit and vegetables aisle and try out some lychees, romanescu and kiwi. 

Turn the usual into the unusual

Getting into a rut with the same routine is a pitfall of life that all of us will face. Try to shake things up and break the routine by trying one small thing differently each week. Run a different route, try a TV programme that you usually wouldn’t or dress in something you wouldn’t normally wear.  You should also take care to pay more attention to yourself and treat yourself in different ways – every so often, put on a suit, wear a fancy dress, or try that gourmet meal you’ve been longing to have. 

Do nice things for other people 

So many new year’’ resolutions are focused on ourselves and on ways we can improve our own lives and make us wealthier, healthier and happier people. And while it is always important to take care of yourself and do what you can to improve your own life, you also need to take account of the wider world beyond your own circumstances. You should therefore also endeavour to do something nice for someone else every day. It could be as small a gesture as giving someone else a compliment or as big a gesture as donating blood or sponsoring a child in need. Knowing that you are making a difference in their lives and and making them happy will also boost your own self-esteem, sense of importance and happiness. 

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