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How to view houses safely during Covid-19

2 March 2021 | Insights Team

While lockdown restrictions in South Africa have eased compared to the early stages of 2020, the threat of the pandemic has not subsided. In fact, the threat is greater than ever before. This reality means that we have to continue taking precautions in our everyday life and be prepared when we venture into public spaces – including when you view properties. 

And while the property market was on a slowdown in the first half of 2020, it is booming again, making it a great time to start looking for a new home. However, you will have to take the right precautions. Here’s some invaluable advice on how to view houses safely during Covid-19: 

Prepare beforehand 

By planning properly before viewing the property, you will help ensure that you are adequately protected against Covid-19 while searching for your new home. The first safety precaution you should undertake is to phone the agent for a booking time in which you will be the only one viewing the house. You should also ensure that you drive to the prospective property by yourself, rather than in your real estate agent’s car, and bring your mask with you as well as hand sanitiser. 

Don’t forget the Covid-19 safety basics

As is the case with all your public activities, you need to be cognisant of the relevant Covid-19 safety precautions and adhere to them throughout. Once you are at the property, make sure that you keep at least a one and a half metre distance between you and anyone else in the home and wear a mask at all times. Remember to not shake the realtor’s hands when greeting them, and to rather give a head nod or even an elbow bump.  And if you’re feeling slightly under the weather, don’t go to the house viewing. 

Don’t touch any surfaces

Surfaces are a potential source of virus transmission, and you should remain cognisant of not touching any surface in the house during the viewing. Your hand sanitiser will be your best friend in this regard; if you slip up and happen to touch surfaces in the house, you must immediately santise your hands. 

What if it’s an open house viewing?

It’s best to avoid large crowds that would gather at an open house viewing and to rather ask the agent if you can view the house privately on your own time. If an open house viewing cannot be avoided for any reason, then make sure that the agent has limited the number of people that are viewing the house at any given time. It should be noted that you may have to wait outside the house in a queue so that crowding can be avoided and social distancing is maintained. 

You could also go virtually 

Many real estate agents across the country now offer virtual tours, which means you wouldn’t have to undergo any exposure to Covid-19. The latest technology allows you to take an in-depth look at the property that you’re interested in from the comfort and safety of your couch. Even though you may still want to see the home in person before making a final decision, an initial virtual showing can help narrow down your list of potential homes to the ones that you are really interested in.

Choose a good real estate agent

It should go without saying, but it’s critically important to choose a real estate agent that has incorporated Covid-19 safety practices into their business model and has a good understanding of the hygiene, social distancing and sanitation practices required when showing homes to potential buyers. 

When you look for a home through Leadhome, you can rest assured that all the necessary Covid-19 protocols are adhered to and our agents are trained to handle any Covid-19 concerns you may have.  Visit our website today to book a viewing appointment.

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