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How to prepare your garden for winter

13 April 2021 | Insights Team

The warm summer months are now something of the past and autumn is your opportunity to get your garden ready for the winter season. Something to keep in mind is that this is the period for cleaning and tidying. You won’t necessarily want to start growing anything new (unless specifically winter plants) but instead organise, maintain, and prune your garden so that it’s ready for next spring. Here are some important steps to preparing your garden for winter:

Autumn spring cleaning

Before you tend to your plants and shrubs, you’ll need to do a little cleaning of all the areas. If you have a greenhouse, remove unwanted items, sweep out the debris left by plants and dust, and disinfect all surfaces including your windows. The use of eco-friendly disinfectants that have zero chlorine in them prevent fungal growths and stop pests from getting out of control without killing your plants in the process. Leave your greenhouse to air out over the next few days.  

Trim, prune, and tidy your edges

Ensuring your garden is ready for spring comes with cutting out the old seasonal look. You’ll most likely need to dig up all your annuals and replace them with daisies, primulas, and pansies. Prune back your perennials and allow for your garden seed heads to stand out. Once done, cover your beds in a fresh layer of mulch. You can use your refuse leaves, compost, and regular soil in order to layer your beds in a coat of nutrient rich material.

Take care of your lawn

After mowing to a manageable height, make sure that you rake out all the thatch that builds up in your lawn during summer…  Place some autumn lawn feed down to better prepare your lawn for the colder months ahead.

Plant evergreens 

Nothing holds its shape, retains its leaves, or adds colour to your winter gardens like evergreen or deciduous plants. The soil, mixed with the cooling, air provides the perfect window to fill in the gaps of your garden with evergreens. Plant large and stylish shrubs like Camellias, which flower in the spring, or alternatively try planting Inkberry Holly –  this sturdy shrub grows into a ball shape and never looks bare-legged since its branches grow straight into the ground.

Net your pools and ponds 

Autumn leaves fall to the ground and decompose, however rotting leaves may turn your pool or pond  into a swamp, so do your best to catch and scoop out all the leaves floating on the water surface. This is perfectly natural but not something you want in your pumps and filters. Spread a finely meshed net across your pond and do the same for your pool if you don’t already have a pool net.

Now that your autumn garden is neat, tidy and ready for winter, you will not only have a pleasant view from your home, but you’ll have a head start when spring arrives and it’s time to get growing again.

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