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Leadhome’s ProTech and ProTouch approach innovates the real estate market

29 April 2021 | Insights Team

There is a property revolution on the horizon and it is called Leadhome Properties. Are you ready to join the revolution?

Throughout 2020 and now 2021, we at Leadhome Properties have set ourselves apart by establishing a reputation as a leading ProTech and ProTouch company in South Africa. Because of this, Leadhome Properties has been able to grow our agent complement through the technology we utilise, our communication channels, and personalised service which embodies our growth strategy and grants us an edge in the real estate market. 

But what does ProTech and ProTouch mean?

ProTech: Innovating digital solutions.

Accessible and user friendly technology; analyse every step of the buying and selling process with intuitive graphs and analytical data.

What can sellers enjoy?

From the moment you sign on with us you have the ability to watch the progress of your property sale in real time on your own dedicated Seller’s Dashboard. 

Through the Seller’s Dashboard interface, homeowners have access to real-time specialised graphs, analytical data streams, and a calendar which tracks bookings, calendar invites for property viewings, and other uniquely relevant information at your fingertips. Easy access to critical data streamlines the selling process by providing you end-to-end live data. 

One of the Dashboard’s unique features is the ability to compare and contrast your home with performance indicators on multiple platforms. This function allows you to see potential buyer feedback as well as take note of website views and enquiries charted out on daily graphs.

Another handy tool is our affordability and repayment calculator. This tool is a primary stop for all new and potential homeowners who are unsure about the costs involved and how they can effectively budget through their own finances.

ProTouch: What makes our offerings unique to our clients?

Leadhome Properties offers client-centric solutions through the use of innovative technology and the personal touch.

The heart of our company lies in the value we place in our agents and our clients. Our founders, Marcél du Toit and Harry Hattingh, envisioned a real estate agency that does away with the traditional “vanilla” strategies that have dulled in an ever-changing market.

Unlike traditional agencies, our property advisors and agents are always willing to give expert advice, over and above equipping you with our 24/7 online dashboards and smart technology. Yet unlike the impersonal model of an online agency, our agents are ProTouch, leading experts in their areas, not only because they know them, but because they have a wealth of  data at their fingertips; accurate valuations that have proven to sell properties faster, as well as helping us to sell properties as close to the valuation price as possible. Our data proves this: ‘85% of our properties on our books sell at the listing price.’ – Jessica Franks Data Scientist Leadhome Properties. 

A successful real estate approach synergises the principles of both online and traditional means. Our agents make the time to meet with sellers in order to give them comprehensive valuations and we humanise the fast-paced results driven world of online agencies by offering property advice as a service to you. We are always willing to lend a hand. 

What makes our ProTech and ProTouch innovations unique?

Leadhome Properties has continued to see success within a new digital sphere; its national market share increasing two-fold in 2020. 

Other than monitoring a constant influx of changing property trends, Leadhome Properties’ innovative company structure is pioneering the future narrative for the real-estate industry. With a simple initiative of selling faster and saving money on traditional administrative costs, Leadhome Properties is positioned to take a controlling share of the market within five years. 

The goal is to harness the advantages of modern technology to allow agents the ability to manage more listings simultaneously. This strategy disrupts conventional wisdom and equips our growing base of top-selling agents with the tools to further excel within the industry. As well as saving our clients money and time, we have streamlined the process with value added services that alleviates stress each step of the way.

Leadhome Properties’ revolution attracts SA’s top agents

Leadhome Properties’ strategies appeal to top agents from the most seasoned of real estate brands in the market. This is because our agents put their customers first with all the data at their fingertips,  that they receive the best service available. 

Recently, twelve agents from Chas Everitt joined the family marking the level of commitment we bring to the table growing our team to over 70 agents, and we’re expecting to grow our national footprint of agents to 200 by the end of 2021.

It’s time for less drama, choose Leadhome Properties

Leadhome Properties is your trusted advisor for all property-related information, speak to a property advisor today to chat about the next steps.

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