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Pretoria’s award-winning Team Maartens joins Leadhome Properties

6 May 2021 | Insights Team

As “forever” residents of Pretoria East, the Maartens couple bring the rare sort of protouch professionalism to Leadhome’s dynamic real-estate scene that could only come through the passage of time and service driven goals.

Despite only being fully practicing real estate agents for over a collective decade, Jaco and Margerie Maartens have been living within Pretoria for over forty years. This level of area expertise that comes from a lifetime of first hand experience gives them what they believe is an edge in the property market.

Workable solutions through finding the right home

“Leadhome is a modern real estate agency, driven by technology, brought to you by clever humans.”

It’s no secret that Team Maartens has made some notable gains in their marketing strategy with fellow agents referring to them as “head turners” due to a unique and passionate approach to real estate.

Nothing makes this dynamic duo more effective than having their goals aligned. When privately asked what their most valued trait was, both answered “service.” Jaco and Margerie believe that the path to success is rooted in trust, referrals, and repeat business. The team takes a holistic approach to business practice and believes in constructing long lasting relationships with their clients.

A focus on transparency, technological breakthroughs, and agent accountability is one of the many reasons the Maartens duo decided to join the Leadhome family. That, coupled with a desire to achieve customer satisfaction in the shortest time possible has led them to the conclusion that the Leadhome approach is the ONLY way to sell.

Why Jaco & Margerie inspire confidence

“Large enough to know our stuff, small enough to care!” 

Margerie has seen her hometown change throughout the years. Her unique perspective coupled with a customer-centric determination grants area expertise that has led her to achieving a referral rate of over 80% of clients. Margerie considers herself as a dream-catcher that assists her clients in reaching their lifelong home-ownership desires. She is a driven professional that goes the extra mile.

After dedicating most of his life to the demands of the IT industry, Jaco decided to take control of his destiny, follow his dreams, and make the change to real estate. This career defining decision has seen him go from strength to strength as he creates workable solutions by utilising his knack for finding the right home for the right person. Jaco lives by the personal adage that “If it is meant to be it’s up to me!” 

Together, Jaco and Margerie excel through the combination of hard work, determination, and service orientated goals. 

Learn more about Jaco and Margerie Maartens

“We are qualified & award winning agents who are passionate about selling homes at the best market related price in the shortest time.”

Years in real estate: Jaco and Margerie have a collective of over fifteen years of experience in real estate.

Real estate history: 

Margerie: 2001-2012 Part time assistant and intern for Rina Verryne/Award winning agent

2010-2012 Pre Primary Teacher

2013 Apple Property Connection

2018 KW Edge

Jaco: 2015 Apple Property Connection

2018 KW Edge

Farming Areas:

Jaco: Erasmusrand; Monumentpark; Sterrewag; Waterkloof park; Waterkloof glen  Erasmuskloof, Waterkloof Heights

Margerie: Elardus Park; Rietvalleirand; Wingate Park; Erasmus Park; Rietvallei Park

Qualifications to date:

Jaco: Property Professional of Real Estate (NQF 4 & PDE 4)

Margerie: Property Professional of Real Estate (NQF 4 & PDE 4)

BEd Foundation Phase and Childhood Development

Give us a brief history of your experience as an agent. Tell us about you! Where are you from? What makes YOU unique?

The knowledge and understanding I have gathered for/in my community and its people, helps me achieve a great advantage in assisting my clients. My combined experience of growing up in a real estate agents home and being in the real estate business, alongside my primary school experience makes me unique because I can simplify and streamline the clients needs, expectations, and personality during the whole process. – Margerie Maartens

I’ve been in the industry full time for over five years now and worked at a small family agency when I started before moving over to a larger international franchise. Living in the capital city for the last four decades has given me an unfair advantage over other agents – even more so on my tipping point as I was able to see these suburbs start and grow first hand. My unique selling proposition is my outgoing personality and my effortless ability to speak to anyone at any time.

 – Jaco Maartens 

When & why did you choose Real Estate as a career?

I am a fixer. I learned very early in life that I have a passion for people. Part of what I love is assisting them in buying and selling their homes as conveniently and efficiently as possible. I left my job as a primary school teacher back in 2012 to kick off my real estate career because my compassionate and competitive soul longed to seek change and improve people’s lives. – Margerie Maartens

I joined the real estate industry full time five and a half years ago – having seen very little success in my chosen field of IT, I made the move to real estate and have never looked back! – Jaco Maartens

What makes Leadhome’s “Protech” approach so exceptional?

When we started looking around we thought, “if not Leadhome then where?” People like to have the freedom of choice and to stay informed. Leadhome offers different pricing options when selling their properties and keeps all their clients up to date with the latest tools in technology.

 – Margerie Maartens

Transparency, Technology and accountability is what stands out for me. The fact that the Agent can focus on money producing activities ie. Lead generation, listing homes, and negotiating the contract opens up your schedule to do more of the important activities. – Jaco Maartens 

What is the most important thing you’ve learned while at Leadhome?

Focus on what you are good at and improve on what you aren’t – Leadhome is there to make not just our service delivery easier but also to improve upon the client’s experience when making one of his/her biggest investments. – Margerie Maartens

Track your daily activities – if you know your numbers you know where to improve. What you measure you can manage! – Jaco Maartens 

What has been a defining career moment for you?

When I became the #AgentOfChoice – current clients use me more than once and refer me with confidence to their circle of friends and family. They trust in my advice and ability to assist in the sale of their most valued asset. This is why I know I fit the #AgentOfChange perfectly at Leadhome. – Margerie Maartens

What would you say has been your biggest career challenge?

One of my personal bugbears are real estate agents that lack the integrity to look after the client’s interest. As a people person, I’m generally mortified by the idea that agents would rather make quick sales without any consideration for customer satisfaction. – Margerie Maartens

Not driving over other agents who undercut the industry with fees, sub-standard service, and shady reputations. Joe Public doesn’t care if you work for ABC or XYZ brand, they simply refer to us as “You agents.” The challenge is to change that perception and I believe my dedicated work ethic has come a long way to making it a reality. I lead by example. – Jaco Maartens

Give us a tip for aspiring agents! 

“if it is to be it’s up to me!” 

Be yourself, give your best, have a sense of humour, and as an agent, always tell your clients the truth – Margerie Maartens

Hyper focus on what you do. – Jaco Maartens

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