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Meet Ronel du Plooy, Agent of Change at SA’s No. 1 fixed-fee agency, Leadhome Properties

7 December 2021 | Insights Team

It is immediately apparent that there is a special quality about Leadhome Properties’ estate agent, Ronel du Plooy. Ronel is one of those rare, authentic, truly empathetic human beings, with that special kind of magnetic quality that people, even those who have not yet fully made her acquaintance, are simply drawn to. 

Case in point?

“A particular buyer was viewing a home recently.” Says Ronel. “We spoke casually for about 45 minutes and during the conversation, I asked her what she was really looking for in a property? I sensed that the property she was viewing that day was simply not the right fit for her. Towards the end of the conversation, she turned to me and said ‘Ronel, I know that you are the one who will find me my home.’ There was a property that sprang to mind, it was not even on the market yet, but I had the keys and I took her to see it. That was it. The transaction took a little time, but it was the right property for her and she purchased it. On concluding the sale, my buyer and now my friend,  shared the following insight: ‘I have dealt with so many agents before you. With each and every one of I felt I was treated as another client, another deal to be done. But I knew there was something different about you, Ronel. You are authentic and genuine, that is why I entrusted you to find me my home.’”  

So why did you become an estate agent?

“I began my real estate career in 2011 after a stint in the financial sector. From early on I understood that I am very motivated to help people to realise their dreams and it is this that brought me into Leadhome Properties. In ten years I have never looked back. I absolutely love what I do, being there for people at pivotal moments in their life’s journey; getting married, divorced, building a family, saying goodbye to a loved one. I help people to turn their dreams into reality, this is the best reward ever!”

Give us a tip for aspiring agents

“First of all be true to yourself. Be ethical and honest at all times. Be very sure that you really want to work in real estate, because this is not only a 9 am – 5 pm job, it is a career, part of your daily life and who you are, 24-7-365. Wherever you go, be it to church, your child’s netball game, or the golf course, everybody knows you as Ronel-the-Leadhome-real-estate-agent. You constantly wear that mantle. Real estate is about relationship-building, a real interest in people, genuine concern about their wellbeing, their wants and needs. It is also about constantly networking, marketing, connecting with people wherever you go. If all this isn’t who you are, then this is not the game for you. But if it is, and you can embrace this as a passion and a lifestyle, then you have the potential to become an excellent agent.”

What makes Leadhome a cut above the rest?

“Our technology and teamwork! This is really a tech real estate company that works collaboratively as a team to make things happen. Our technology and service offering are constantly improving, making Leadhome the best real estate platform in South Africa today. This empowers us as agents, by freeing up time that would otherwise be spent on a multitude of menial tasks, enabling us to better focus on our client and service. Then there are the incredible support divisions, such as Photography, Property Advisors, Post Sales and the Marketing Team. We all work together in unison to provide the best end result to all our clients. Leadhome Properties is a unique combination of our high-performance people and skills, we are a team of teams, working collaboratively together to deliver exceptional results as reflected in the data. We are completely unlike traditional real estate companies, and it shows!”

What is the most important thing you’ve learned at Leadhome?

“Teamwork is really dreamwork! I have learned so much about the power of collaboration and working within a team. Mastering and using our technology has helped me to provide a far superior service to my clients, deliver a much better journey, experience and achieve the desired results.”

What has been your biggest career challenge?

“This is a difficult one as there have been a few, but I would say it was when I moved from being a ‘traditional’ real estate agent to becoming a Leadhome Agent of Change. I always knew my future lay with Leadhome Properties, the challenge was how to operate in an area where the community was familiar only with traditional real estate companies and their style of business. I embraced the challenge and looking back now, I know I have succeeded, as today I am recognised as the Leadhome agent in my area and the community knows and understands the difference.”

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