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National Women’s Day 2022: Celebrating women in property

5 August 2022 | Insights Team

In South Africa, 9 August 2022 marks National Women’s Day. A day we draw attention to many of the important issues facing women in our country and throughout the world, such as domestic violence, discrimination, harassment in the workplace, equal pay, education and more. In South Africa, on National Women’s Day, we pay homage to the generations of women who preceded us and empowered women to achieve the gender equality that we enjoy today. 

Women dominate the market

In terms of the property industry, a historically male-orientated industry, the empowerment of women is more apparent today than ever before. For example, Leadhome Properties’ data shows that in the past 12 months, women account for a total of 48.6% of property registrations, 59.8% of buyer leads and 53.6% of seller leads. 

Mathemba Shabane, Leadhome Properties’ real estate agent for Durban agrees. “In Durban, most of my buyers are women aged between 28 – 40. That’s a good 70%.“Women are so much more independent and aware of why it’s important to own property now.”

Leadhome Properties real estate agents (from L to R): Mathemba, Margerie, Eloise and Rosa

Women are embracing property

These figures underscore the fact that today there are also many more women who have chosen to work within the property industry, creating highly successful and rewarding careers. Here at Leadhome Properties, in fact, the majority of our real estate agents (64%) are women.

Mathemba Shabane continues: “A career in property is amazing in terms of flexibility. Women are multitaskers and real estate is absolutely just that. You get to do something you passionately love while juggling being a super mom/super wife (laughs) –  it’s like we are superheroes. And I am all for women’s empowerment!”

Margerie Maartens, Leadhome Properties’ estate agent for Pretoria East agrees. “I love talking to and assisting people and improving their lives by finding them the right home,” she says, “while making the whole process of buying and selling a home simple and fun. It is a passion that also provides me with an income to enrich my family.” 

Eloise van Wyk, Leadhome Properties’ real estate agent for Roodepoort says she would certainly encourage women to choose to work in property as a career path. “It is a very busy career and time-consuming, but you can choose your work schedule and enjoy work-life balance if you plan it well.”

An investment to build wealth

With 51% of female buyer leads in the under-38 age group in 2022, it is evident that women are recognising the benefits of owning property which they view as a sound investment, an asset and a vehicle to build long-term wealth. 

“Approximately 40% of my buyers at the moment under R1.5 million are women who are purchasing their first homes. It is fantastic!” Says Rosa Paulo, Leadhome Properties’ estate agent for Centurion. “Women are mastering real estate and we are now seeing extremely serious, hard-working women coming into the industry, creating strong businesses for themselves by becoming well known in the areas in which they operate.” She says.

Margerie Maartens estimates that 50% of her buyers and sellers in her area in the past 12 months are women.

Eloise van Wyk says 40% of her clients are women in the 30 to 40 age group.

Women’s Day Events

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