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Property News from our CEO, Black Friday and more…

26 October 2020 | Marcel du Toit

With the challenging year of 2020 starting to wind down, things are finally starting to look up from a South African perspective, with the rate of daily Covid cases flattening out, lockdown restrictions at their lowest level and the economy starting to slowly move onto a positive curve.  This upward trajectory is good news for the property market, and the current market conditions make it a great time to sell your house. 

Even during a lockdown phase, the property market has still produced relatively brisk results, thanks in large part to the increased use of technology, which is rapidly shifting prospects in favour of the consumer.  This trend is great news for the South African consumer, who is increasingly getting better value for money and enjoying a simpler process and a range of other benefits from their property experience.  

And this shift makes perfect sense considering that in 2020 (even before the onset of the pandemic) most consumers live online and most prospective home buyers will start their search there.

From a Leadhome perspective, we couldn’t be more excited to take advantage of these market conditions and help you sell your house timeously and efficiently through our innovative model, which uses technology to underpin the entire buying and selling process, thereby cutting out the expensive middle layers and passing massive savings directly onto the customer. It also makes our agents far more productive and efficient. 

Our success speaks for itself – while South  African agents would traditionally sell an average of 0.6 properties per month, or around R1m worth of monthly sales, our agents sell an average of 3.5 properties per month, or around R5m per month. We tend to sell properties quicker than most (35 days, versus the current industry average of 105 days).

This success is driven by real-time data, which helps us understand the real value of each of our properties at a certain time. We work with the facts when setting pricing, and test the market to ensure sellers get the best possible price for their property.  

To find out more about why the property market is looking so strong, please listen to a podcast interview I conducted with Business Day in September.

Leadhome is also making sure that we continue to reward our customers for their loyalty, which we are currently doing through our 25% cashback promotion. We’d like to congratulate Khensani Cynthia Chauke for qualifying for 25% cashback on her agent fee after she bought and sold her house through our “agent of change”! This promotion will run every month, so keep selling and buying through Leadhome and you too could benefit from this fantastic offer.  

This month also happens to include Black Friday;  however, a different one is in prospect thanks to the ongoing prevalence of the pandemic. Most of Black Friday should occur online, which goes to show once again how the internet is shaping all markets and consumer habits. Leadhome is offering you an amazing Black Friday deal  – keep an eye out for our incredible campaign, where you could win our services for free when you sell your home with us! Follow our Facebook page for more information.

Thank you for choosing Leadhome and trusting us with your property journey.  We’ll always strive to offer you an outstanding service, underpinned by high efficiency, leading technology and an adaptable and hands-on approach. Our agents and staff truly are Agents of Change.

Marcel du Toit

Marcél du Toit is CEO of Leadhome. He is interested in the intersection where technology, customer service, and the real world meet, with a specific focus on proptech. Outside of Leadhome he's passionate about his two rescue dogs, sport, and all things South Africa. Marcél holds a masters degree in Management & Finance from the University of Oxford.

M.Sc. Management & Finance (University of Oxford) B.A. PPE & Accounting (University of Stellenbosch) Paul Roos Gymnasium (Stellenbosch)

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