What are Property Advisors and how do they help you?

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What are Property Advisors and how do they help you?

30 March 2021 | Insights Team

When selling or buying a property, the last thing you need is to hit a snag in the process. This is where a property advisor (PA) comes to the rescue. Leadhome’s team of experienced property advisors work hand in hand with your agent to attend to the many tasks required during the sale process. Leadhome’s team of dedicated PAs also available to effectively deal with any queries you may have. 

What is a Property Advisor?

PAs simplify the property-purchasing process by helping you through it. A property advisor is well-informed, understands your needs and is able to support and assist you.

When you buy or sell a home with Leadhome, your property advisor is your go-to ‘package-in-one’. This means that second to your real estate agent, property advisors ensure that all your needs are met. Apart from following up on leads for our sales team, the PA’s priority is to keep you, the client happy by attending to seemingly mundane tasks that you might overlook but are that critical to concluding a successful transaction. 

A PA sets up viewing appointments for clients, they verify prospects’ identities, and conduct Covid-19 screenings – the list is long. Whether it is selling or buying a property, or just shopping around for a desktop home valuation, it is the PA that will help you. The PA is the ‘third arm’ of the [real] estate agent and is at your service. 

What sets Leadhome’s PAs apart from the crowd

Covid-19 has changed the way we do business – the property sector no less. While our industry, and Leadhome in particular, has added smart technologies like virtual and augmented reality into the mix, our people, and our PAs, are leading from the front. The following characteristics help them stand out as a force for stellar service. 

They know the property industry and are good communicators

This is one of the most important skills that a PA should have. Our PAs know everything about the localities in which we operate. They are able to effectively communicate and answer all your questions and concerns to help you make better-informed decisions. 

Our PAs understand you

In the process of helping you, your  PA will ask key questions to determine your needs in the buying/selling process. Conversations between you and your property advisor bring clarity and ease the process. It is important to note that no two queries or clients are the same, but our PAs are versatile and will address each and every query to provide clarity. 

You can trust Leadhome’s PAs

Trust is sacrosanct in the property industry

 Leadhome PAs are candid and will give you an unbiased professional opinion while offering experienced insights into the real estate industry. The ultimate decision is always yours to make.  

Putting you first 

Leadhome is because of our clients and our PAs are customer-oriented and solutions-driven. Leadhome PAs strive to offer start-to-finish solutions. If they are not personally able to resolve an issue for you, they will point you in the right direction and continue to interact with you until a satisfactory solution to your question has been found. 

Innovative and adaptive to change 

Leadhome’s estate agents are tech-enabled to organise 3D virtual tours of your home, arrange viewings through digital platforms, and much more. PAs work alongside your agent to accommodate your requirements during the process.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts 

Individually, our PAs are great customer service champions. As a team, they are what allows Leadhome to rank among top property companies in South Africa. Their purpose and goals contribute greatly towards Leadhome’s vision of offering South Africans a better way to buy and sell their homes. 

Our world-class property advisors are a valuable resource offered to you to help you get value for money on your property buying/selling process. Let our property advisors assist you in making h the entire process a breeze. 

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