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POPI Act – We mind our P’s & Q’s with your personal information

27 July 2021 | Insights Team

The protection of personal information is a hot topic these days and with good reason. Many of us find ourselves and our inboxes inundated with a flurry of requests to subscribe, opt-in, or out of communications, backed by fervent assurances of how your prized personal information is to be safeguarded and secured.

The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA), South Africa’s data protection law, came into effect on 1 July 2021. The purpose of POPIA is to lawfully regulate, secure, protect and control our personal information. Simply put this means appropriately obtaining your consent to use your personal information, protecting it and maintaining organised records of it. Failure to comply with the POPIA’s regulation could result in substantial penalties, prison terms and even fines of up to R10 million.

You and your Leadhome Estate Agent

Whether you are engaging with your agent over social media, via email enquiry, client referral, or by calling our offices, your agent will communicate with you in the context of your enquiry. Prior to POPIA coming into effect, consumers were understandably nervous about the indiscriminate use of their private and confidential information. However, the arrival of POPIA has made this largely a thing of the past. You may now be confident that your personal, confidential information is processed securely and is protected.

At Leadhome Properties, we will not send you any direct marketing material such as newsletters, emails, WhatsApp, or SMS communications unless you have signed up for these. Our communications have the option to opt-in or out at your discretion and therefore at any point should you wish to change your mind, you are easily able to update your preferences. This keeps you firmly in the driving seat. 

Your Leadhome Estate Agent and you

From your agent’s perspective, the sharing of your personal information is integral to your real estate journey and is the first step in building a professional relationship of trust. Your agent is required to be open and transparent with you, explaining what information is being collected, why, how it is to be used, protected and how/when it will be destroyed. In terms of FICA, your agent is required to disclose whether the information is voluntary or mandatory.

You are in charge

POPIA ultimately empowers you because it promotes transparency as to what information is collected and how it is to be processed. The information you share with your agent is regarded as private and confidential. It is lawfully and responsibly used by Leadhome Properties to interpret your needs to find you either the perfect home you are seeking –  or the perfect buyer for your current home.

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